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kingstonusbcf.com Abuses Google Advertising Confirmed by Kingston Technologies To Sell Counterfeit Products

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 26, 2009

SOSFakeFlash is one of the groups in the FrankenFlash Project fighting against fraud. False capacity mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards. Recently they received reports about a site: www.kingstonusbcf.com . FakeFlashNews and SOSFakeFlash published on the subject and victims began reporting in. Kingston Technologies confirmed that this site sells counterfeit merchandise using the Kingston brand name. Based in China there appears little that can be done to shut this site down. Meanwhile buyers continue to be frauded and risk loosing data to the usb flash drives being sold.

This site relies heavily on google advertising and is reported to have it’s ads inserted into many websites. Even into sites that report about fake usb flash drives! SOSFakeFlash issued a call to the public for assistance in fighting this fraud: Read SOSFakeFlash News June 26th, 2009 . You can read more on the subject at the news site: http://fakeflashnews.wordpress.com/

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MP Players eBay – Cheap Bargains or Fabulous Fraud and Profit? SOSFakeFlash Education Week

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 24, 2009

Is eBay the place to buy MP Players cheap? Can you get a 8GB or 16GB or 32GB Player on eBay for less that $40 or $50 US? SOSFakeFlash is launching an education week for consumers. Recently they launched an general education week on fake and counterfeit memory devices sold on eBay: SOSFakeFlash Consumer Education Week 20090605 – 20090612. The Problem of Counterfeit and Fake Memory Sold On Ebay

This time they will be show casing sellers who sold false capacity MP Players. Too many buyers fall for seller claims that the units are defective. Most never learn the truth, these items have had their flash chips manipulated to report a size much larger that the chips can support. SOSFakeFlash is inviting buyers to learn more and leave comments on their experiences.

Visit this site during the next week for an eye opening education!


The information is useful, not only to people who buy on eBay but any where on the internet for MP Players. Become a smart consumer!

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Kingston Technologies Releases DT200 128GB USB Flash Drive To Market

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 17, 2009

Kingston Technologies has just released new line of DataTraveler usb flash drives, the DataTraveler 200 series. This line offers capacities of 32GB, 64GB and even128GB! Kingston appears to be the first to release a 128GB flash drive to the consumer market.

Update August 3rd, 2009: The largest capacity available from Kingston Technologies is 256GB, the new DataTraveler 300. See: Kingston Technologies Releases DT300 256GB USB Flash Drive To Market – Biggest USB Flash Drive In The World!

Visit the Kingston site to inspect this new usb flash drive line:

DataTraveler 200

FakeMemorySentinel and sites in the FrankenFlash Project such as SOSFakeFlash, FlashDriveFacts and have repeatedly said there is no such thing as a 128GB usb flash drive available on the market. But now there is one! And only one!

DT200 group shot

The Kingston DataTraveler 200 Part Numbers:

DT200/32GB – Blue and Black
DT200/64GB – Yellow and Black
DT200/128GB – Black

Soon these new usb flash drives will be available at authorized Kingston resellers. It is very important that consumers become familiar with the look of these usb flash drives. This is critical for the DT200/64GB and DT200/128GB.

High capacity Kingston usb flash drives are engraved on the usb connector with the model and size. If you do not see this on a usb flash drive, you are have a counterfeit and most likely a false capacity usb flash drive!

So what is the current retail price at Kingston? This is absolutely essential for consumers to know! If you want a fantasitc price, expect a fantastic fake! Only buy directly from a Kingston website or one of their authorized resellers. Never buy from an unauthorized seller. To understand why, visit the sites in the Project.

As of June 16th, 2009:

DT200/32GB cost


DT200/64GB cost


DT200/128GB cost


These prices may go down at authorized resellers in the future, but Kingston Technologies prices are generally only slightly above what a reseller might charge.

To consumers, make sure you always visit a Kingston website to see the latest usb flash drives they offer. To those who want to become sellers of Kingston usb flash drives, contact Kingston to become an authorized dealer, please do not hunt Chinese wholesaler websites for bargains! There is no such thing, only an honest modest profit can be found in selling genuine capacity usb flash drives.

Kingston appears to be the first to offer a 128GB usb flash drive on the market! Congratulations Kingston!

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How Did kingstonusbcf.com Get Reported As A Seller Of Counterfeit Kingston USB Flash Drives?

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 15, 2009

Victims of false capacity usb flash drives search the internet for information and help. Google searches have sponsored links to help pay for providing you with a free internet search service. The website kingstonusbcf.com used the sponsored links service to rise high in searches. So how did this seller get caught? You will find this interesting.

SOSFakeFlash has been busy promoting awareness on an outbreak of fake Kingston DT150 USB Flash drives currently flooding into eBay with alarming speed. So when victims search the internet using google and typing in DT150 this is what came up.


You will clearly see the SOSFakeFlash warning post. On the lower right was kingstonusbcf’s ad. In additional random searches depending on the country zone of google this appeared.


kingstonusbcf was at the top of the paid sponsorship list. This would be great if you were selling genuine usb flash drives. There is nothing better to heard buyers away from eBay to another site than a fake flash warning. However, if you are an internet seller of false capacity and your victims are searching for information about you or the model they purchased, this is the last thing you want -to be paired with warning about fakes.

kingstonusbcf even appeared inside of SOSFakeFlash. This site is hosted free and occasional ad’s are inserted discretely and tastefully on occasion by wordpress to help fund the site.


Imagine the irony here. kingstonusbcf near the article of a “converstion between a fake flash seller and a victim”. This was quiet unexpected.

On the internet, Kingston, FlashDriveFacts, FakeFlashNews and SOSFakeFlash came up together along with kingstonusbcf.


All would have been fine, if kingstonusbcf was selling true capacity Kingston usb flash drives. In fact kingstonusbcf would do well. Unfortunately this seller’s victims were looking for information on him and the problem. Precisely the goal of the FrankenFlash Project – to help consumers who have been frauded or are confused as to why their flash based device is not working as advertised.

Honest sellers will do well from information like this, fraudster will NOT! kingstonusbcf was found out.

Read The Facts: kingstonusbcf.com Said To Sell Counterfeit Kingston Flash Drives

even Kingston reported this seller was known as a site to sell counterfeits.

The only way to stop this fraud and prevent people from losing data to false capacity usb flash drives is to work together – to report these sellers and promote consumer awareness on a global scale. That is the goal of the FrankenFlash Project.

You make the difference.

Reference information can be found at this site trying collect and catalogue fake flash devices, especially for counterfeits, https://flashdrivefacts.wordpress.com/

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naffy23k eBay Fake Flash Seller vs H2testw and eBay Victims

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 12, 2009

eBay fake flash sellers are crafty and naffy23k is no exception. These sellers will do anything to continue deceiving to sell false capacity items to eBay members. The profit is addicting, the harm done to buyer data files horrific. SOSFakeFlash, in the new consumer education series mentioned price is a good indicator of fakes, but not always. When it comes to brand names such as Kingston or Sony, the selling price can be as high as 80% to 90% of what you might find at your local retail store. The perfect trap!

naffy23k illustrates the problem on eBay. No innocent, naffy23k has been classified as devious by SOSFakeFlash selling counterfeit and false capacity USB Kingston flash memory pen drives. If you bought anything from this seller you must test. Report to SOSFakeFlash immediately using the report a fake tab.

Why has naffy23k been chosen for the consumer education series? You are going to find it hard to believe what naffy23k has said and done!

naffy23k has claimed the program H2testw 1.4 is Fake! Not his usb flash drives.


What did the eBay member buy?

naffy23k-buyer complaint April

This drive now discontinued by Kingston, is a 2GB flash drive well known to the Frankenflash Project.

naffy23k replied to the buyer:

Reply by naffy23k (Apr-29-09 15:01):
Buyer lost paypal claim! Item is 32GB and not fake! h2testw is a fake program!

h2testw is a fake programme? See H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

Now what would be “fake” about H2testw written by Harald Bögeholz? It is one of the most downloaded programmes on the internet to test the capacity of flash chips. Do you think anyone would spend so much time developing such a programme, improving it over the years if it was useless? While copyrighted, it is offered to people for free. Why? As a public service, the problem of digitally altering flash chips to lie about their real size is that bad. German attention to detail and precision is legendary. Offering an English interface shows consideration and willingness to share.

SOSFakeFlash and victims have confirmed the results of output many times. How? Take apart the fake flash device and decode the flash drive chip used against the manufacturer’s size specifications. See: Flash Chip Storage

So would this mean that eBay fake flash seller naffy23k is simply ignorant of technology and does not have a clue about the product he is selling?

Consider this, the auction showed was public. Just click on naffy23k’s Feedback and at the moment you can still see the item as it is in the 60 day listing window.

naffy23k is puffed up stating that the buyer lost their PayPal claim. It would be more accurate to say that the buyer either refused to return the counterfeit or was worn down by PayPal’s robotic emailers. A lot of buyers are unaware that they can reopen cases or email and telephone PayPal until they wake up. The fact is, victims who walk away with refunds are those who simply will not give up!

naffy23k protested that the item was really 32GB. Why then did this seller switch to private auction listings? A seller confident in his product will not to try to hide what he is selling in feedback. Read:

eBay Private Auction Listings – eBay Fake Flash Sellers Prefer – Victims Learn The Meaning The Hard Way – A Guide

naffy23k knew very well he had a problem but was determined to dump his stock and continue selling. There was only one way he could do this. Hide the truth. Unfortunately all this will do is delay detection. It does not stop the facts from coming out. naffy23k has sold many using multiple item stock listings. Just how many victims are there? The project with the help of eBay members, patrols and seeks out sellers like naffy23k and we wait….

Well does naffy23k sell true capacity now? No he does not. We have just received confirmation from another victim of fake flash seller naffy23k for a different Kingston USB flash drive.

naffy23k- current confirmed

naffy23k has been busy selling Kingston DataTraveler DT120 32GB usb flash drives. What do you see here?


Private Auctions!

So what is the real capacity of this usb flash drive? 512MB, not 32GB! We aren’t publishing the output from H2testw 1.4 here – SOSFakeFlash wants you to do your own testing on this drive!

As the time of this articles release, naffy23k isn’t listing. The auction ended early with still two more fake flash drives to sell! Obviously naffy23k knows something is up.

Every eBay listing shows this:


Does it mean anything? To a lot of eBay fake flash victims it means little. Now will eBay hold the seller to “assume” responsibility for the listing? Will eBay force this seller to refund all buyers?

The listing also shows this:


Does this mean anything? Well the FrankenFlash Project will tell you victims have something to say about this but it is not fit for print. It is spin. A lie. It is on listing pages to give a false sense of security for would be buyers. The true reality only presents itself when you discover you have bought a false capacity item. SOSFakeFlash has published: PayPal How Long Do You Have To Claim For A Refund In Disputes? A Guide About PayPal From eBayer’s Experiences. to help people deal with Paypal. It has a wealth of information to assist you and many reference articles for you consult.

Victims of naffy23k need to test their usb flash drives quickly. What is going to happen to fake flash seller naffy23k? An interesting question. Shortly, this seller will be on the fake flash sellers list when the new update goes out. naffy23k will be there to stay.

There are other fake flash sellers who tried to hide what they were up to. guruelectronics was one reported in: Investigation On Seller Using eBay Id guruelectronics Continues At SOSFakeFlash That story had a happy ending, guruelectronics was booted – to eBay fake flash prison and so far has not dared to return.

eBay is NOT a safe place to buy usb flash penstick drives, memory cards or MP players. Right now, brand names are under attack. Kingston is receiving the brunt of it. Do not buy any Kingston usb flash drives on eBay right now – it is infested with counterfeits and fake capacity!

The hottest fakes that are making money are MP Players. Both eBay and fake flash sellers are making a killing!

The most popular false capacity size at the moment is still 16GB. 16GB memory cards, 16GB MP Players and 16GB usb flash drives. 32GB and 64GB flash drives are arising, mostly for brand names. Please stay away, or a victim you will likely be! Pay a little more, buy at a local retail outlet. eBay for nand technology buying for devices with flash storage chips in these capacities will lead to a nightmare you do not need.

As victims on eBay all say: ” If it is too good to be true…it usually is !”

Additional Reading:

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6 Continents eBay Fake MP Players – USB Pen Drives – Memory Cards – SOSFakeFlash

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 12, 2009

The FrankenFlash Project has been tracking where fake Fake MP Players, USB Pen Drives and memory cards sold on eBay go. SOSFakeFlash has spend thirteen months investigating counterfeits. Presented by the six continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America the information is current ending in May 2009.


What were the average eBay bid prices for the fake usb memory sticks, MP Players and memory cards investigated by the advertised capacity on eBay?


The different sites in the FrankenFlash project have been researching the cost of flash drive chips. Recently FlashChipTutor learned that the cost has doubled per Gigabyte at the beginining of the year. Previously it was $1 US dollar per GB but now is $2 US. It should be noted that this is for the smaller chips and not the latest ones. Much also depends on the quality of the flash drive nand chip.

If one uses this rule of thumb it could mean that the current cost of an 8GB chip is? 8×2= 16 $US Dollars. What would it be for

Note that the average prices are over a 13 month period of data collection. Recently we had several resellers inform us that the cost for flash chips have been rising as FlashChipTutor predicted they would. To find out what the real costs are for flash chips please read:

Afterwards you might be interested in reading through this article.

FAKE 16GB 32GB 64GB – Conversations Between A Fake Flash Seller and A Victim – The Truth About the Scam Exposed

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SOSFakeFlash Consumer Education Week 20090605 – 20090612. The Problem of Counterfeit and Fake Memory Sold On Ebay

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 12, 2009

SOSFakeFlash published a series of articles to educate consumers on the problem of fake mp players, usb flash drives and memory sticks sold on ebay during the week of June 5th 2009 to June 12th 2009. It includes information collected by the FrankenFlash Project over a 13th month period. The objective was to increase global awareness about the problem of false capacity devices being sold on eBay and to assist members to avoid buying false capacity items. These devises can be dangerous to files as they will be lost the moment the true capacity of the flash drive chips is exceeded.

Consumers will fall prey to fake flash sellers, not only in the Orient but any country if they make a dangerous mistake. Not understanding the true costs of nand flash drive chips. Many assume that the reason for the low prices on eBay is the result of cutting out the “Middle Man”. Anyone who follows this line of reasoning is in for a very unpleasant surprise. The FrankenFlash project after many months of research reveals the truth in the hope that people will avoid becoming victims in the future. The old saying “You get what you pay for” is stinging!


Additional Reading:

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Kingston Technologies WebSite Introduces New Feature For Viewing Kingston USB Flash Drives To Verify Capacity Offered By Product Line

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 12, 2009

Kingston Technologies has introduced a wonderful new feature for searching their consumer usb flash drive products. You can select the capacity and see which product lines offer the desired capacity. It is a great search consulting tool and part of Kingston’s effort to combat those who would like to sell cheap imitations of their products or try to super boost older models to report wild unrealistic capacity sizes to operating systems. To consumers these are known as counterfeits and fakes!

Almost all major brand names are currently under attack from counterfeiters. Two companies, Kingston and Sony are fighting back. Kingston is applying additional effort to aid consumers world wide. They have a serial verification site and now have improved their search feature to show what are the capacity sizes they manufactured for a particular product line.

You are invited to try it out. We did. If you wish to purchase a Kingston usb flash drive on the internet you should always visit a Kingston website to verify they really make the product in the capacity being advertised to you by a seller. Your first step to being a smart and well informed consumer. If you don’t see the capacity offered by Kingston, you can be 100% sure that it is a fake counterfeit and potentially very dangerous to use. Digitally altered flash drives, lead to data loss.


For example if you use the search feature to see which drives are 128GB


You will get this:


Nothing comes up. Why? As of June 10th, 2008 Kingston does not yet make a usb flash drive of 128GB. When they do, the search tool will show you the model that offers it. So if you don’t see anything, they do not make a 128GB flash drive. In fact nobody does right now. So any size beyond 64GB at the moment is an obvious fake!

If you search for 64GB:


there is only one usb flash drive that will come up right now, the DT150 64GB DataTraveler usb flash drive. That means any other drive or model is an Obvious fake!

If you are a potential reseller:


Do stay away from importing any drives like these from Chinese internet wholesaling sites. They were never make by Kingston. You can not purchase a usb flash drive at this price for resale at these capacities. There is no such thing as “Upgrading” a usb flash drive. You can not make a little usb flash drive chip magically grow to hugh capacity with some sort of software upgrade. The upgrade translated means “trick the operating system” into believing the usb flash drive is a bigger size than it really is or the data it can actually hold.


If you see any usb flash drives with 64GB stickers or any other sticker for size, understand this, Kingston does not put sticky labels to indicate the size of their usb flash drives. They offer quality usb flash drive products and are not so miserly as to cut corners with a sticky for the size of the flash drive product they offer.

If you search for 32GB:


You will see a number of different usb flash drives presented to you. Your next step would be to select the model you saw on an internet site to read up on the product.

This new quick reference feature will save you time and help you spot the most obvious fakes masquerading as Kingston usb flash drives.

For additional reference information on Kingston usb flash drive counterfeits see https://flashdrivefacts.wordpress.com/ there is a category devoted to Kingston. Also see the guide section for a lot of useful information to help you spot a counterfeit and how you can verify if your Kingston usb flash drive serial number is valid.

In if the seller is offering a usb flash drive that matchs at Kingston you need to exercise care. Read those guides.

If you wish to be safe consult: http://www.kingston.com/wheretobuy/Regions.asp and find a retailer near you. These are difficult times, support your local sellers and help your own countries economy.

Buyers who ended up with Kingston counterfeits and fakes regret it. Most found them on eBay. Others at internet sites that are not authorized distributors of Kingston products. Read: kingstonusbcf.com Said To Sell Counterfeit Kingston Flash Drives

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FAKE 16GB 32GB 64GB – Conversations Between A Fake Flash Seller and A Victim – A Guide On The Truth

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 11, 2009

Why are fake usb pen sticks, MP players and memory cards sold on eBay? The false capacity ranging from 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 60GB 64GB 120GB 240GB 260GB 360GB to 500GB sizes.

One size is advertised but the true size is much smaller! You buy a 16GB MP player but only get 2GB or 4GB of storage. You buy a 16GB usb flash drive and get 1GB or 2GB of storage, maybe 4GB if you are lucky. You buy a 16GB memory card and only get 2GB or 4GB. When it comes to usb flash drives and memory cards, the digital alteration of the controller flash chip is deadly – you lose your data! Do the ebay sellers know what they are doing? Is there a reason?

Recently SOSFakeFlash asked for stories, experiences. We received one, an explicit conversation between a fake flash seller and a buyer victim. It dates to the summer of 2008 and nothing since has changed. It is published exactly as received. It might be long but if you want answers start reading!

Read the rest of this entry »

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XU GANG Hong Kong Counterfeit Ring Confirmed

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 8, 2009

Becareful about drop shipping and buying from the orient. SOSFakeFlash has uncovered another counterfeit ring operating in Hong Kong and selling on eBay. They do not hesitate to publish the sources or addresses where the counterfeit merchandise comes from. They also make sure to reference the Technology Crime Prevention Unit in Hong Kong so they will pick up the message and investigate.

Republished from SOSFakeFlash:

SOSFakeFlash has uncovered another counterfeit ring in Hong Kong and named it XU GANG. Currently the following eBay seller ids have been connected: ebestshop58r, lovehuangfeifei2008, jameshome621. Fake memory cards, mp players and usb flash drives have been sold, including branded Kingston DT150’s.


Tse Chit (Xu Gang)

G/F,Block 26,428 Yuen
Kong Tsuen, Yuen Long
Hong Kong



G/F,Block 26,428 Yuen
Kong Tsuen, Yuen Long
Hong Kong



G/F,Block 26,428 Yuen
Kong Tsuen, Yuen Long
Hong Kong

The location is at:

XU GANG Address

The FrankenFlash Project asks the Technology Crime Prevention Unit in Hong Kong to please send inspectors out to investigate. It is suspected that this is one of the major outlets for drop shipping overseas and for eBay seller ids. Sold are fake memory cards, MP Players and also now a very serious wave of fake Kingston DataTraveler 150 usb flash pen sticks in 32GB and 64GB false capacity. The fake DT150’s are causing serious harm to Kingston Technology’s reputation.

The estimated recent fake flash earning’s of XU GANG run is more than £40,000’s . If you wish to add this LEE Wai Bun’s recent Kingston DT150 32GB counterfeiting it is more than £80,000 for over £120,000 and how many victims?

This is only a small fraction of the counterfeit and fake flash nand based technology leaving Hong Kong to harm people around the world. Every day, data loss is pending in these little brown packages, spreading to over 63 different countries on file.

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Quick Detection Genuine or Counterfeit Kingston DT150 32GB DataTraveler Michael’s Guide

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 6, 2009

eBay is not a safe place to buy usb flash drives. eBay sellers in the orient get a lot of bad press. People are suspicious. But you can just as easily buy a fake or counterfeit flash drive from eBay in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe or even in Australia.

Reprinted from SOSFakeFlash.

The FrankenFlash Project has been busy publishing alerts and documenting Kingston DT150 DataTraveler counterfeits (see articles at the end ). First 32GB fakes appeared, then 64GB fakes and now 32GB fakes have spread to many eBay countries. The United States is a serious target.

What are the signs for a counterfeit 32GB DT150 DataTraveler fake? How can you tell? Michael shows you how.

Michael is a recent victim. He bought from an American eBay seller, tested his drive and found it to be a counterfeit. Immediately Michael created a dispute at Paypal and dialogued with the seller. The seller refunded him but Paypal would not release the funds, demanding he return the counterfeit. In the end both seller and buyer united against PayPal to solve the issue and make the refund come true. See http://sosfakeflash.wordpress.com/report-a-fake/comment-page-2/#comment-2094

So what does a counterfeit DT150 32GB DataTraveler look like?

kingston-usbplug-front 1

There is no laser etching on the usb connector front with serial information or model information. Kingston adds this as a counter measure to counterfeiting. Below is what this etching looks like for a genuine usb flash drive.


Kingston DataTraveler DT150’s are laser etched on their usb plugs with drive model information , size and a serial number too. This is a primary anti-counterfeiting defense. The one shown is for a DT150 64GB flash drive.

kingston-packaging-front 1

Kingston DT150 32GB packaging front. Note this is sealed packaging used by genuine kingston DT150 usb flash drives and not the dead giveaway of plastic snap pack. It also means that counterfeiters are able to duplicate more expensive packaging. kingston-usbplug-back 1

usb plug back of a counterfeit 32GB DT150.

kingston-packaging-rear 1

The counterfeit Kingston DT150 32GB packaging back with no serial information and upc code for it. All genuine Kingston DT150’s have this information inside the packaging.


It is unique, every single drive has a different serial. No two drives have the same one. It is missing here. In some counterfeits, you will find a serial label but when you check at Kingstons authentication site you will find it has already been used. It you find in a retail store, they all have the same serial number information on the back, stay away!

kingtson-led 1

Kingston DT150 32GB front LED. In every report so far, the LED does not work. Not surprising really. The insides are different for a fake. The circuit board and connectors are not the same, so how could they make the LED work? The LED is really “pretend”, just to look a bit like the real one. Otherwise everyone would recognize the fake immediately.

kingston-drive-front 1

Kingston DT150 32GB front. Many people also report the casing is made of lighter material than a genuine version and does not weigh as much.

kingston-drive-back 1

Kingston DT150 32GB back.

kingston-label 1

Kingston label is peeling from the casing.

If you bought a counterfeit usb flash drive on eBay please report in to SOSFakeFlash, using the Report A Fake Tab For Information.

Read: Kingston USB Flash Drives – Detect Counterfeits And Fakes – Product Verification

Additional information published by the FrankenFlash Project:

May 27, 2009 Genuine or Counterfeit Kingston DT150 64GB DataTraveler – Quick Detection – A Guide

May 25, 2009 eBay Counterfeit Kingston DT150 64GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drives Revealed – Case of eBay Seller fufu$$

May 20, 2009 fufu$$ And The Counterfeit Kingston DT150 64GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drives

May 19, 2009 celeste_689 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – USA – Counterfeit Kingston DT150 64GB DataTraveler

May 18, 2009 fufu$$ Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – Australia – Counterfeit Kingston DT150 64GB DataTraveler

April 12, 2009 minggege99 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Deregistered – China. eBay and PayPal Try To Block Victims From Refunds For Counterfeit Kingston DT150 32GB DataTraveler 150

April 9, 2009 32GB Kingston DT150 32GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drive Counterfeits eBay Scandal – Wholesale Costs For Counterfeits

March 29, 2009 niuren2008 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Deregistered – China – Counterfeit DT150 32GB 32 GB Data Traveler 150

The first story:

March 16, 2009 Kingston Counterfeit Fake 32GB DataTraveler 150 USB Flash Drive Found On eBay

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SOSFakeFlash Annouces Consumer Education Week To Fight Fraud on fake mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 5, 2009

SOSFakeFlash Announces Consumer Education Week To Fight Fraud on fake up players, usb flash drives and memory cards. The FrankenFlash Project is alarmed at the escalation the selling of these devices. Consumers are made victims each day in over 63 countries.

After 15 months of investigation it is clear that consumers are ill informed. As a result they fall prey to fraudsters and scammers who sell them false capacity devices. SOSFakeFlash intends to reveal the truth and to demonstrate that when consumers hunt for bargains and cheap prices there is only one outcome – the purchase of a false capacity item. The consequences can be lethal. It is not only money that is lost but also data.

The flash nand chips used in up players, usb flash drives and memory cards are being digitally altered to report a capacity much higher than the chips can support. This digitally altering occurs in the orient and is sent around the world through internet wholesaler sites in the orient.

People interested in large profits buy these items and as a result inflict misery on others. Too many sellers do not search their products or test them properly. There is no fabulous profit in selling true capacity up players, usb flash drives and memory cards. This is a myth and the FrankenFlash project announces zero tolerance for any seller proven to have sold false capacity devices. If any seller is caught they will be published on the internet. The record will be permanent and will under no circumstances be retracted. It is a sellers duty to research and test the items they offer for sale.

Please visit http://sosfakeflash.wordpress.com/ to see what they reveal. eBay will be exposed as will PayPal, both are complicit in aiding and promoting the sale of false capacity items. Buyers also need to be better informed on the true costs – there is little mark up involved.

SOSFakeFlash will reveal the sad truth with evidence: “You get what you paid for”! This will be unpopular with victims.

To begin understanding the truth of what is happening you are invited to read:

FAKE 16GB 32GB 64GB – Conversations Between A Fake Flash Seller and A Victim – The Truth About the Scam Exposed

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