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SOSFakeFlash Annouces Consumer Education Week To Fight Fraud on fake mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 5, 2009

SOSFakeFlash Announces Consumer Education Week To Fight Fraud on fake up players, usb flash drives and memory cards. The FrankenFlash Project is alarmed at the escalation the selling of these devices. Consumers are made victims each day in over 63 countries.

After 15 months of investigation it is clear that consumers are ill informed. As a result they fall prey to fraudsters and scammers who sell them false capacity devices. SOSFakeFlash intends to reveal the truth and to demonstrate that when consumers hunt for bargains and cheap prices there is only one outcome – the purchase of a false capacity item. The consequences can be lethal. It is not only money that is lost but also data.

The flash nand chips used in up players, usb flash drives and memory cards are being digitally altered to report a capacity much higher than the chips can support. This digitally altering occurs in the orient and is sent around the world through internet wholesaler sites in the orient.

People interested in large profits buy these items and as a result inflict misery on others. Too many sellers do not search their products or test them properly. There is no fabulous profit in selling true capacity up players, usb flash drives and memory cards. This is a myth and the FrankenFlash project announces zero tolerance for any seller proven to have sold false capacity devices. If any seller is caught they will be published on the internet. The record will be permanent and will under no circumstances be retracted. It is a sellers duty to research and test the items they offer for sale.

Please visit http://sosfakeflash.wordpress.com/ to see what they reveal. eBay will be exposed as will PayPal, both are complicit in aiding and promoting the sale of false capacity items. Buyers also need to be better informed on the true costs – there is little mark up involved.

SOSFakeFlash will reveal the sad truth with evidence: “You get what you paid for”! This will be unpopular with victims.

To begin understanding the truth of what is happening you are invited to read:

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