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Kingston Technologies Releases DT200 128GB USB Flash Drive To Market

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 17, 2009

Kingston Technologies has just released new line of DataTraveler usb flash drives, the DataTraveler 200 series. This line offers capacities of 32GB, 64GB and even128GB! Kingston appears to be the first to release a 128GB flash drive to the consumer market.

Update August 3rd, 2009: The largest capacity available from Kingston Technologies is 256GB, the new DataTraveler 300. See: Kingston Technologies Releases DT300 256GB USB Flash Drive To Market – Biggest USB Flash Drive In The World!

Visit the Kingston site to inspect this new usb flash drive line:

DataTraveler 200

FakeMemorySentinel and sites in the FrankenFlash Project such as SOSFakeFlash, FlashDriveFacts and have repeatedly said there is no such thing as a 128GB usb flash drive available on the market. But now there is one! And only one!

DT200 group shot

The Kingston DataTraveler 200 Part Numbers:

DT200/32GB – Blue and Black
DT200/64GB – Yellow and Black
DT200/128GB – Black

Soon these new usb flash drives will be available at authorized Kingston resellers. It is very important that consumers become familiar with the look of these usb flash drives. This is critical for the DT200/64GB and DT200/128GB.

High capacity Kingston usb flash drives are engraved on the usb connector with the model and size. If you do not see this on a usb flash drive, you are have a counterfeit and most likely a false capacity usb flash drive!

So what is the current retail price at Kingston? This is absolutely essential for consumers to know! If you want a fantasitc price, expect a fantastic fake! Only buy directly from a Kingston website or one of their authorized resellers. Never buy from an unauthorized seller. To understand why, visit the sites in the Project.

As of June 16th, 2009:

DT200/32GB cost


DT200/64GB cost


DT200/128GB cost


These prices may go down at authorized resellers in the future, but Kingston Technologies prices are generally only slightly above what a reseller might charge.

To consumers, make sure you always visit a Kingston website to see the latest usb flash drives they offer. To those who want to become sellers of Kingston usb flash drives, contact Kingston to become an authorized dealer, please do not hunt Chinese wholesaler websites for bargains! There is no such thing, only an honest modest profit can be found in selling genuine capacity usb flash drives.

Kingston appears to be the first to offer a 128GB usb flash drive on the market! Congratulations Kingston!

11 Responses to “Kingston Technologies Releases DT200 128GB USB Flash Drive To Market”

  1. […] leave a comment » Kingston now makes a 128GB usb flash drive! It is in the new DataTraveler series, the DT200 series. There is now one usb flash drive from Kingston that is a genuine 128GB capacity. See: Kingston Technologies Releases DT200 128GB USB Flash Drive To Market […]

  2. […] Kingston Technologies Releases DT200 128GB USB Flash Drive To Market […]

  3. Dee said

    I just came a crossed one Australian that is trying to scam people it doesn’t even match the look shown above.
    I wish Kingston would put the picture on there web site so people could cross reference this stuff.

    If any one knows how or some one at Kingston that would be a great deal of help to the public

    • FlashChipTutor said

      The only 128GB usb flash drive made by Kingston is the black one shown above. At the moment Kingston is only offering it by “special order”. So any other 128GB flash drives with Kingston labels are – Fake! Counterfeit. PERIOD!

      A lot of people have contacted and continue to contact Kingston. Kingston is a Global company with many different offices. So far we are unaware of a special unit devoted exclusively to hunting down the counterfeits. It may very well exist and it is possible that they prefer to work in the shadows. Given the scope of the problem it would be easy to understand. The problem appears deep and there may be people at a high level involved at the Fab’s. Stress “May be” – it is impossible to tell for anyone working in the Project. We don’t have the insider view.

      Major brands, Kingston included have what they call “authorized distributors” and “authorized resellers”. It is precisely to ensure that the merchandise is genuine and goes through proper channels to reach consumers. Naturally there is a markup and overhead involved, but it is not as BIG as people think.

      The real problem is perception of what a usb flash drive costs to make, brand name or generic. We can’t stress this enough!

      When people want a a lot for a little – that includes wantt to be sellers and also buyers – there is generally only one outcome. As someone recently said as a comment at the sosfakeflash site:

      Fabulous price? Expect a fabulous fake!

      It is that simple. And yes this hurts. It is a terrible lesson and many who work in this FrankenFlash project had to learn it.

      The seller in Australia may know he is selling fakes, but it is possible he does not. So many sellers do not have a clue about what they are selling. They just plug in the usb flash drive and check properties under an operating system. It is not enough as these counterfeits and fakes are designed to fool the operating system. Generally you can tell if a seller knows or not by his actions when someone points it out. For example, sorry but the model you are selling doesn’t exist at Kingston….go check.

      The new DT200 128GB is exactly that! New. It’s hard to say if a 128GB usb flash drive will fly or not. It’s an issue of access speed and read / write speed for USB 2.0. It is possible that the new eSATA interface is better. Faster. But that requires a special card for PC’s or a very new state of the art laptop.

      To learn more about a hybrid interface (usb 2.0 and eSATA) have a look at this site:


      For decent access to 128GB you need speed. If you can read german see:


      or copy into google search and ask for translation into your language.

  4. Rebecca Scudder said

    There are now 3 press releases by well known and reputable companies that they will be selling 128GB USB flash drives. Kingston Technology, Edge Tech Corp, and Patriot Memory. They all now have pictures of the drives on their websites. Kingston’s will not be available until 7/15, Edge Tech is estimating 7/31, and Patriot has not announced a date, or how much it will cost.

    There is already a seller on eBay advertising the Kingston drive, with the correct picture, for $399. He does not mention in the listing that they will not be available for another 3 weeks. The seller is multiwavevideo, and seems to be an established seller, with a history since 2004 and 26000 feedback, almost all positive. While the price is less than Kingston’s suggested $547, it does not qualify as a cheap deal. It is also about the same as the MSRP for the Edge Tech drive.

  5. victim said

    I purchased directly from their website kingstonusbcf.com and not ebay. I received a fake/bad 64GB stick and I opened a claim with Paypal. I tried to communicate with the seller via Paypal’s resolution sender but they no longer existed so I escalated to Paypal. Paypal’s response 10 minutes later:

    “Our investigation into your claim is complete. As stated in our User Agreement, the claims process only applies to the shipment of goods. It does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of goods received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or issue a refund”.

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  8. […] June 2009, FlashDrive Facts announced: Kingston Technologies Releases DT200 128GB USB Flash Drive To Market , the DT200 to be the largest available usb flash drive on the market. The DT300 is now the largest […]

  9. chris said


    net_biza ( 47 [Feedback score is 10 to 49] )

    Other item info
    Item number: 160407192469
    Item location: blacktown, New South Wales, Australia
    Posts to: Australia
    History: 178 sold

    Team doing good job…..Found this on EBAY …selling 128gig usb dt200 50 $…..
    looks genuine..

  10. […] published Kingston Technologies Releases DT200 128GB USB Flash Drive To Market. FlashChipTutor captured prices these flash drives sold for in June 2009. The prices didn’t […]

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