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An interesting article from CBC News

Posted by fightflashfraud on December 5, 2009

The frankenflash project has been warning people about counterfeit and/or fake flash memory sold on ebay for a long time. Selling counterfeit, fake and faulty items on the Internet is much easier than selling them on a market or in a shop. Buyers only have a picture and a description to go on.

We think this article on the CBC News website makes it fairly clear how widespread fraud on the internet is:


The fact is that when buying flash memory items the rule is TRUST NO-ONE! Even reputable high street stores, computer magazines and respected internet sellers have found themselves supplying customers with fake or faulty flash items.

Anyone who buys flash memory items (memory cards, MP players, USB flash drives etc) is advised to test with the free program h2testw.

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Ebay & International Law – Listings And Transactions – Postal System For Counterfeit Fake USB Flash Drives, MP Players, Memory Cards

Posted by flashchiptutor on July 21, 2009

SOSFakeFlash is the site that assists victims who bought fake mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards on eBay. They published useful information recently on international eBay sellers and custom’s declaration information. This information can be useful to frauded buyers. We are republishing it at our site.

SOSFakeFlash’s Randy has important information that may help you with your claim against an international fake flash seller on eBay who sold you a false capacity (fake) MP Player, memory card or usb flash drive on eBay. Hopefully your kept your packaging!

Ebay & International Law

Consult: http://pages.ebay.ca/help/policies/international-trading.html

eBay insists that listings and transactions comply with the laws of the countries where both the seller and the high bidder reside. Users are responsible for ensuring that their transactions are lawful in both countries. eBay strongly suggests that users educate themselves about the laws of their own country and the countries where they plan to do business.

In addition the paypal / ebay complaints that you may submit for the fake flash drive, mp player or memory card, you may also want to consider submitting policy complaints on the seller. Some potential areas that a seller may infringe on local laws or regulations in your country.

1. Starting with the mailing package that the flash device was shipped in. Hopefully, you still have the mailing package.

Starting with the Customs declaration (CN22 form):

A) Did the seller indicate that the product was a gift?

If so, this is not true, and your country customs laws should consider this to be fraud.

B) Is the description on the CN22 correct?

If not, then your country customs laws may be infringed.

C) Did the seller indicate the country of origin?

If not, then again your customs laws may be infringed.

The CN22 form contains the following declaration.

I, the undersigned, whose name and address are given of the item certify that the particulars give in this declaration are correct and that the item does not contain any dangerous article or articles prohibited by legislation or by postal or customs regulations.

If the seller did not complete the form correctly you could also complain to the postal authorities is the sellers country and Ebay.

2. Regarding the contents of the package:

A) Did the flash drive, mp player or memory card or the packing that it came in have “country of origin” markings?

If not, this could be in violation of your countries customs laws or consumer protection laws.

You can use this information to help you pursue your claim if any of the conditions Randy mentioned are found. It can also cut to the quick about any arguments or issues with a Paypal claim. The more evidence you have that laws are being broken, the easier it should be.

We think this is exactly the kind of information eBay could leverage very quickly to help you. Instead of having to argue or dispute on the validity of fake or not fake. We all know that a tested items indicates whether it is or not, but this is another angle and it could be a lot easier to pursue.

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How Fraud is allowed on Ebay. The Case of Seller digitalting0303 Who Uses Private Auctions To Evade Detection

Posted by flashchiptutor on July 7, 2009

Do you wonder how fraud is permitted on eBay? How it is possible for those who wish to cheap and fraud buyers, get away with it? Recently SOSFakeFlash Published on a documented seller, digitalting0303. There is a lot of money made in selling false capacity MP Players, Usb flash drives and memory cards. digitalting0303 is a perfect example of how it is possible and how such sellers continue on eBay.

With permission from SOSFakeFlash we are reprinting their article, published on July 4th, 2009:


digitalting0303digitalting0303 , registered in Hong Kong, is a seller of fake (false capacity) usb flash drives, memory cards and is now offering MP Players! This seller defies eBay and is very skilled in fraud. The only thing digitalting0303 is interested in, is your money. This seller was caught by SOSFakeFlash in October 2008. Soon eBay suspended this id. Nothing was done to contact the buyers of the fake 32GB flash drives eBay to warn people about these dangerous usb flash drives that would lead to data loss.

Members of the FrankenFlash Project, patrol for sellers suspended. Why? As soon as the suspension is over they return to their old ways. The profit is good and they do not care what happens to you or your data. On June 15, 2009 SOSFakeFlash issued a new alert: digitalting0303 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Devious – Hong Kong digitalting0303, learned from his previous mistakes and began using private auctions to avoid detection (eBay Private Auction Listings – eBay Fake Flash Sellers Prefer – Victims Learn The Meaning The Hard Way – A Guide ).

This way, digitalting0303 could continue in selling fake flash items and avoid detection. digitalting0303 demonstrates just how easy it is for a fraudster to use eBay!

If you are a victim of digitalting0303, you have a choice to make. Let this seller continue to harm others and keep your money or teach him a lesson. The choice is yours. See: Escalation In False Capacity USB Fake Memory eBay! SOSFakeFlash News July 3rd, 2009

Do not expect eBay to do anything about digitalting0303. Do not forget they enjoy the fee’s they collect from these fake flash sellers. These scam artists are only stopped by victims. Will digitalting0303 be allowed to continue? You have the power to decide.

Use the tool: http://www.toolhaus.org/cgi-bin/negs?User=digitalting0303&Dirn=Received+by make sure to leave negative feedback immediately, even before you file with PayPal. If you left positive, do follow up feedback stating the truth about what you discovered. Feedback remains forever. Chose your words carefully.

Leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you will only create more victims.

Just how bold is this fraudster? As this article is being written there are 60 fake usb flash drives, 40 MP Players and 10 memory cards offered.

Just added to the fake flash offerings:

digitalting0303-MP1 digitalting0303-MP2


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FAKE 16GB 32GB 64GB – Conversations Between A Fake Flash Seller and A Victim – The Truth About the Scam Exposed

Posted by flashchiptutor on July 3, 2009

Why are fake usb pen sticks, MP players and memory cards sold on eBay? The false capacity ranging from 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 60GB 64GB 120GB 240GB 260GB 360GB to 500GB sizes.

One size is advertised but the true size is much smaller! You buy a 16GB MP player but only get 2GB or 4GB of storage. You buy a 16GB usb flash drive and get 1GB or 2GB of storage, maybe 4GB if you are lucky. You buy a 16GB memory card and only get 2GB or 4GB. When it comes to usb flash drives and memory cards, the digital alteration of the controller flash chip is deadly – you lose your data! Do the ebay sellers know what they are doing? Is there a reason?

Recently SOSFakeFlash asked for stories, experiences. We received one, an explicit conversation between a fake flash seller and a buyer victim. It dates to the summer of 2008 and nothing since has changed. It is published exactly as received. It might be long but if you want answers start reading!

Presented by Dave:


My names Dave and I only recently came across your site – I think it’s great and these people need to be stopped. A long while ago I had a problem with a cheap MP4 player and began talking to the seller on Skype, the conversation became very interesting! I’ll let you read!! :

I will say that it is very long, so you don’t have to read all of it, but if you have the time, you can. If not the middle bit is interesing. I might have gotten a bit harsh at times, but they were harsh to me in first place!

[23/06/2008 01:10:44] luckytrade says: hi, nice to meet you
[24/06/2008 16:47:21] davidharryprosser says: hi!
[24/06/2008 16:47:40] davidharryprosser says: id this lucktrade88?
[24/06/2008 16:48:44] davidharryprosser says: hello?
[24/06/2008 16:49:10] davidharryprosser says: are you there?
[24/06/2008 16:50:52] davidharryprosser says: hi?
[24/06/2008 16:52:09] luckytrade says: hi
[24/06/2008 16:52:16] luckytrade says: sorry for my late
[24/06/2008 16:52:19] davidharryprosser says: ok
[24/06/2008 16:52:25] davidharryprosser says: what is your ebay name?
[24/06/2008 16:52:34] luckytrade says: fantasticbid008
[24/06/2008 16:52:41] davidharryprosser says: ok
[24/06/2008 16:52:55] davidharryprosser says: i am having a little problem with an mp4 player
[24/06/2008 16:53:23] luckytrade says: what is the problem?
[24/06/2008 16:53:47] davidharryprosser says: when i play some videos and some songs it says “format error”
[24/06/2008 16:54:01] davidharryprosser says: i have checked and all my videos are AMV and the songs are MP3
[24/06/2008 16:54:02] luckytrade says: it supports the AVI format
[24/06/2008 16:54:12] davidharryprosser says: you dont need to convert?
[24/06/2008 16:54:19] davidharryprosser says: i can just put on avi?
[24/06/2008 16:54:29] luckytrade says: oh, may i ask which is your mp3? is the touch screen?
[24/06/2008 16:54:34] davidharryprosser says: no
[24/06/2008 16:54:37] davidharryprosser says: the chocolate
[24/06/2008 16:55:23] davidharryprosser says: i am just a little worried as i have found websites that say some companies are hacking their mp4 players to look like they are larger capacity than they really are
[24/06/2008 16:55:47] luckytrade says: dont worry about this,
[24/06/2008 16:56:09] luckytrade says: it that is the chocolate, then it supports the AMV format
[24/06/2008 16:56:15] davidharryprosser says: ok
[24/06/2008 16:56:22] luckytrade says: and it will need you to use the converter in the disc
[24/06/2008 16:56:32] luckytrade says: if you didnt find it,i will send you one
[24/06/2008 16:56:50] davidharryprosser says: i have done than and all files are amv but it says format error sometimes!
[24/06/2008 16:57:26] luckytrade says: we suggest you to use the Converter in the disc
[24/06/2008 16:57:34] davidharryprosser says: i have
[24/06/2008 16:57:47] luckytrade says: or this is the link for you to get the converter:http://www.tinydeal.com/techsupport/AMV4.05.zip
[24/06/2008 16:58:02] davidharryprosser says: i have used the converter already
[24/06/2008 16:58:43] luckytrade says: so it still doesnt work??
[24/06/2008 16:58:49] davidharryprosser says: no
[24/06/2008 16:58:53] davidharryprosser says: it still doesnt work
[24/06/2008 16:59:03] davidharryprosser says: it is only on some of the videos and some of the songs
[24/06/2008 16:59:09] davidharryprosser says: it seems to be very random
[24/06/2008 16:59:34] luckytrade says: do you mean that some video can work?
[24/06/2008 16:59:40] davidharryprosser says: yes
[24/06/2008 16:59:45] davidharryprosser says: and so can some songs
[24/06/2008 16:59:54] luckytrade says: i see
[24/06/2008 16:59:56] davidharryprosser says: i have 2.6GB of data on it
[24/06/2008 17:00:23] luckytrade says: so i think that must be faulty,what about i replace you another one?
[24/06/2008 17:01:23] davidharryprosser says: that it ok
[24/06/2008 17:01:36] davidharryprosser says: are you definately sure it will work and be able to hold a full 4GB???
[24/06/2008 17:02:18] luckytrade says: sure, let me know your item number
[24/06/2008 17:02:43] davidharryprosser says: of the one i bought?
[24/06/2008 17:03:08] luckytrade says: yes, but i would like you to ship it back first
[24/06/2008 17:03:10] luckytrade says: ok??
[24/06/2008 17:03:41] luckytrade says: and then let me know the parcel number or tracking number,once i get this, i will ship you another one asap, what do you think??
[24/06/2008 17:04:00] davidharryprosser says: will i have to pay for postage?
[24/06/2008 17:04:24] luckytrade says: better
[24/06/2008 17:04:40] davidharryprosser says: ?? what do you mean better?
[24/06/2008 17:04:58] luckytrade says: if you can pay for it back,then it is better
[24/06/2008 17:05:13] luckytrade says: you know i will reship you another one for free of charge
[24/06/2008 17:05:57] davidharryprosser says: can you possibly pay me for the postage back?
[24/06/2008 17:06:37] luckytrade says: if i can, i will. but our principle is buyer to pay for it back
[24/06/2008 17:07:07] luckytrade says: seller reship it at his own
[24/06/2008 17:07:30] davidharryprosser says: but it is not my problem it is not working
[24/06/2008 17:08:48] luckytrade says: what about i share it with you?
[24/06/2008 17:09:03] davidharryprosser says: ok im not sure how much it is
[24/06/2008 17:09:36] davidharryprosser says: and i would just like to say thankyou for shipping the other items i bought so quickly that is good service, are there many people employed by your company?
[24/06/2008 17:10:03] luckytrade says: so i hope you can show me the receipt for it back, so that i can pay the half postage for you, ok?
[24/06/2008 17:10:29] davidharryprosser says: i will try to find it now
[24/06/2008 17:11:14] luckytrade says: thanks.i have to go now, if any news,please just leave me message, ok??
[24/06/2008 17:11:52] davidharryprosser says: ok
[24/06/2008 17:12:09] luckytrade says: thanks~~~ 😀
[26/06/2008 17:53:48] davidharryprosser says: i have just sent you an email do you want to read it first or shall i tell you what i wrote now?
[26/06/2008 17:54:50] luckytrade says: let me know what’s up
[26/06/2008 17:55:02] davidharryprosser says: now?
[26/06/2008 17:55:06] luckytrade says: yes
[26/06/2008 17:55:09] davidharryprosser says: ok
[26/06/2008 17:55:34] davidharryprosser says: well i am very sad to hear about the different capacity and that it can only hold 2gb. Why was it advertised as 4gb?!
[26/06/2008 17:56:16] luckytrade says: sorry about this, if you need a real 4gb item, i can replace you one
[26/06/2008 17:56:32] davidharryprosser says: how can i be sure that it will really be 4gb?
[26/06/2008 17:57:22] luckytrade says: i promise, i dont want a negative feedback as a seller, you know,right??
[26/06/2008 17:57:36] luckytrade says: so, dont worry about this, i will replace you a real one
[26/06/2008 17:57:43] davidharryprosser says: ok
[26/06/2008 17:58:22] davidharryprosser says: i am also concerned as i have bought several other items from you, including three 4GB touch screen media players. Are these also just 2GB???
[26/06/2008 17:58:56] luckytrade says: no. the touch screen is the real item
[26/06/2008 17:59:01] luckytrade says: dont worry
[26/06/2008 17:59:16] luckytrade says: the memory is true


[26/06/2008 18:00:12] davidharryprosser says: thankyou for telling me this, but why were some of your items advertised as 4gb when they are realy 2gb. Why did you lie?
[26/06/2008 18:00:38] luckytrade says: if you were here, you will know why i do this
[26/06/2008 18:01:14] luckytrade says: that is because if i made it a real item, then i will lose money on every transaction
[26/06/2008 18:01:27] luckytrade says: so as a seller,may i ask you some understanding?
[26/06/2008 18:04:59] luckytrade says: ????
[26/06/2008 18:05:57] luckytrade says: so,may i ask you to send that one back to me so that i can replace you a real one??
[26/06/2008 18:25:47] davidharryprosser says: i was just away i am back now
[26/06/2008 18:26:23] davidharryprosser says: ok i understand why you advertise your items different but don’t you think it is unfair for your customers?
[26/06/2008 18:27:35] luckytrade says: yes,i know, but sorry,i have no choice, just like you,if my customers find this problem,then i will be honest to them, i will replace them a true one
[26/06/2008 18:27:50] davidharryprosser says: ok ok thankyou for saying this
[26/06/2008 18:27:52] luckytrade says: really feel shame about this, so i promise will replace them a real one
[26/06/2008 18:28:26] davidharryprosser says: and the real one will have 4gb?@
[26/06/2008 18:28:46] luckytrade says: yes
[26/06/2008 18:28:52] davidharryprosser says: ok


[26/06/2008 18:29:40] luckytrade says: so may i ask you to send that one back?
[26/06/2008 18:29:49] davidharryprosser says: ok i think i will
[26/06/2008 18:29:59] davidharryprosser says: what about the slim 4gb one i bought
[26/06/2008 18:30:10] davidharryprosser says: this is the link: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=110262583843&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=001
[26/06/2008 18:30:28] davidharryprosser says: is it also only 2gb instead of 4gb
[26/06/2008 18:30:40] luckytrade says: well, if it works properly,then i think the best idea is to do the partial refund, what do you think??
[26/06/2008 18:31:03] luckytrade says: it is really happy to talk with you, because you understand me, really appreciated
[26/06/2008 18:31:47] davidharryprosser says: i have not tried the slim one to see if it works yet, but i am asking for your honesty. Is it really 4gb or is it 2gb?
[26/06/2008 18:32:49] luckytrade says: not a real one, just the touch screen is the real one
[26/06/2008 18:33:41] davidharryprosser says: ok
[26/06/2008 18:34:02] davidharryprosser says: also i am sad to say the the touch screen i bought did not come with a manual or software CD like the other items
[26/06/2008 18:34:10] davidharryprosser says: is it supposed to come with a manual and cd?
[26/06/2008 18:34:46] luckytrade says: sure
[26/06/2008 18:35:04] davidharryprosser says: so
[26/06/2008 18:35:17] davidharryprosser says: can you send a manual?
[26/06/2008 18:36:12] fantasticbid008 says: it will be sent with the item together
[26/06/2008 18:36:23] fantasticbid008 says: do you need an extra manual??
[26/06/2008 18:36:43] davidharryprosser says: yes because the touch screen did not come with a manual and cd
[26/06/2008 18:36:57] davidharryprosser says: so when i send back mine, can you send me an extra manual
[26/06/2008 18:37:46] fantasticbid008 says: well, that is fine, i will send them to you with the real one, but may i ask you to send me an email tomorrow?? let me know this situation so that i can arrange the right thing asap
[26/06/2008 18:39:44] davidharryprosser says: so i will send back the 2 chocolates that i have and the slim one, and you promise you will send me these three items with the real memory and an extra manual.
[26/06/2008 18:40:20] fantasticbid008 says: ok, you pay for them back, and then i pay for them come, ok?
[26/06/2008 18:41:58] fantasticbid008 says: and, can we do the business out of ebay?? because you know the ebay fees is really high, if we can do business out of ebay,then i think it is better, you can pay directly by paypal, what do you think??
[26/06/2008 18:42:13] fantasticbid008 says: i will give you a best price for what you want,ok?
[26/06/2008 18:42:41] davidharryprosser says: ok i am more happy now! 😀
[26/06/2008 18:43:25] davidharryprosser says: what about if i need to buy more items from you, how will i know that they will have real memory and not fake.
[26/06/2008 18:44:07] fantasticbid008 says: well, if you need the real memory,then the price will be a little higher than the fake one, i hope you can accept this,right??
[26/06/2008 18:44:49] fantasticbid008 says: and i want to know if you want the items from me, which do you want? the fake one or real one??
[26/06/2008 18:46:13] davidharryprosser says: well the price i paid on the items i bought must have been over-priced already, so why should i have to pay more. Also, i know that you buy them in for your company at a very small price, so i think that i should not have to pay more
[26/06/2008 18:46:19] davidharryprosser says: and yes i do want the real ones!
[26/06/2008 18:46:50] fantasticbid008 says: so do you mean you dont want to pay for them back??
[26/06/2008 18:47:38] davidharryprosser says: i would prefer not to. and i don’t think it is right that i have to pay more to get the real memory.
[26/06/2008 18:48:14] fantasticbid008 says: but it is very cleared that buyer have to pay all freight if it needs to send it back in the description
[26/06/2008 18:48:49] fantasticbid008 says: and you know, i am honest, i think you pay some postage for them back, but you still can get the real items for little money, you profit
[26/06/2008 18:49:59] fantasticbid008 says: and i just want that we can do business together in the near future, i am credit
[26/06/2008 18:50:09] davidharryprosser says: ok i will pay for the postage to send back to you
[26/06/2008 18:50:10] fantasticbid008 says: you win, then i win
[26/06/2008 18:50:37] davidharryprosser says: but can we do future business out of ebay to avoid high fees?
[26/06/2008 18:50:47] davidharryprosser says: and i can talk to you on here or email about future order
[26/06/2008 18:51:17] fantasticbid008 says: please talk to me here, it is more convinence, if i am not here, just leave me message here, ok??
[26/06/2008 18:51:25] fantasticbid008 says: i think it is better than the email
[26/06/2008 18:52:15] fantasticbid008 says: we recommend the business out of ebay, it is good for you and me, i think
[26/06/2008 18:52:20] davidharryprosser says: ok i am MUCH more happy doing business on here as i know you are there
[26/06/2008 18:52:56] davidharryprosser says: as long as you PROMISE to supply me with real goods with real memory, and not fakes, or i will leave you with negative feedback on the items i bought off you on ebay
[26/06/2008 18:53:33] fantasticbid008 says: right, i can promise, but for the future business, i hope we can deal out of ebay, ok??
[26/06/2008 18:53:56] fantasticbid008 says: and i have to tell you that the price of the real item must be a littler higher than the fake
[26/06/2008 18:54:00] fantasticbid008 says: is this ok??
[26/06/2008 18:54:07] davidharryprosser says: how much higher
[26/06/2008 18:54:14] davidharryprosser says: your company gets them very cheap
[26/06/2008 18:54:39] fantasticbid008 says: you can see the quality is excellent
[26/06/2008 18:54:47] davidharryprosser says: is £22 free postage on the 4gb touch screen ok??
[26/06/2008 18:55:09] fantasticbid008 says: the price depends on how large of your order one time
[26/06/2008 18:55:49] davidharryprosser says: ok
[26/06/2008 18:55:56] fantasticbid008 says: so you also is a seller,right??
[26/06/2008 18:56:00] davidharryprosser says: yes
[26/06/2008 18:56:07] davidharryprosser says: i sell this item to people in the UK
[26/06/2008 18:56:15] fantasticbid008 says: sorry for my english~~ (blush)
[26/06/2008 18:56:19] davidharryprosser says: its ok
[26/06/2008 18:56:31] davidharryprosser says: do you use a translator or do you speak englush yourself>?
[26/06/2008 18:56:41] fantasticbid008 says: i speak
[26/06/2008 18:56:46] davidharryprosser says: ok
[26/06/2008 18:57:22] davidharryprosser says: also, your touch screen item listing on ebay says “USB 2.0 high speed”, yet when i transfer data to it, it is USB 1.1 speed
[26/06/2008 18:57:55] fantasticbid008 says: is it?? well, i will ask my partner to check it again
[26/06/2008 18:58:05] fantasticbid008 says: thanks for telling me this, it values
[26/06/2008 18:58:29] fantasticbid008 says: so, how many items you will order one time??
[26/06/2008 18:58:43] fantasticbid008 says: do you always buy goods from China?
[26/06/2008 18:59:16] davidharryprosser says: as i am still a small business that is growing, i make orders of 2 to 5 items at a time, but in the future, i may take orders of 10 to 20 items a time
[26/06/2008 19:00:33] fantasticbid008 says: fine, i am happy to supply what you want
[26/06/2008 19:01:20] fantasticbid008 says: so if you need more next time,just tell me here, we discuss the price, then pay it
[26/06/2008 19:01:23] fantasticbid008 says: ok??
[26/06/2008 19:01:34] fantasticbid008 says: this way can save your time and money,right??
[26/06/2008 19:01:52] davidharryprosser says: yes
[26/06/2008 19:02:12] fantasticbid008 says: and also mine 😀
[26/06/2008 19:02:32] davidharryprosser says: but would £40 be ok for two of the real 4gb touch screens, just so i know
[26/06/2008 19:02:48] fantasticbid008 says: no
[26/06/2008 19:03:05] fantasticbid008 says: the touch screen is a little expensive
[26/06/2008 19:03:31] fantasticbid008 says: i need at least £44.5 for two
[26/06/2008 19:05:00] davidharryprosser says: ok how about £45 postage included, like the ebay items
[26/06/2008 19:05:48] fantasticbid008 says: well, can you pay the paypal transaction fees?? that is 3.5%
[26/06/2008 19:06:04] fantasticbid008 says: most of my customers can do this for me
[26/06/2008 19:06:36] davidharryprosser says: so that equals 46.58 for two of the touch screens, postage inlcuded
[26/06/2008 19:07:10] fantasticbid008 says: right
[26/06/2008 19:07:17] davidharryprosser says: that is good!
[26/06/2008 19:07:44] davidharryprosser says: so may i ask, do you have different items in stock, one stock of fake memory, and one of real?
[26/06/2008 19:08:09] fantasticbid008 says: yes
[26/06/2008 19:08:17] davidharryprosser says: ok
[26/06/2008 19:08:34] fantasticbid008 says: so if you place your order, you need the real one,right??
[26/06/2008 19:08:45] davidharryprosser says: yes, that is for sure
[26/06/2008 19:09:03] davidharryprosser says: if i dont recieve the real memory, i will not be very happy at all, and will not buy off you
[26/06/2008 19:09:13] davidharryprosser says: so you need to send the real memory
[26/06/2008 19:09:34] fantasticbid008 says: i understand, dont worry about this, i dont want to loss you this customer
[26/06/2008 19:10:20] fantasticbid008 says: so how many do you want now??
[26/06/2008 19:11:03] fantasticbid008 says: i think there is a large market in your country
[26/06/2008 19:11:12] davidharryprosser says: hang on can i come back in a minute? i need to check stock
[26/06/2008 19:11:25] fantasticbid008 says: fine, i will wait
[26/06/2008 19:11:29] davidharryprosser says: thanks
[26/06/2008 19:11:38] fantasticbid008 says: 😉
[26/06/2008 19:13:12] davidharryprosser says: ok stock is ok for today, but i need to replace the fake items
[26/06/2008 19:13:55] davidharryprosser says: to make sure that you will send the real ones, and not just keep the ones i send back, could you possibly send the items to me first or do i have to send them to you first>?
[26/06/2008 19:14:42] fantasticbid008 says: sorry, i am afraid that you have to send them back first,this is our company’s principle
[26/06/2008 19:14:58] davidharryprosser says: ok
[26/06/2008 19:15:00] fantasticbid008 says: once you show me the receipt of posting,then i will send them to you immediatelyt
[26/06/2008 19:15:10] davidharryprosser says: ok that is good
[26/06/2008 19:15:51] fantasticbid008 says: so,may i ask you to send me a message to my email address?? so that i can solve this problem for you asap
[26/06/2008 19:16:18] fantasticbid008 says: but it is ok, after you ship them back, just let me know
[26/06/2008 19:16:27] fantasticbid008 says: show me the receipt
[26/06/2008 19:18:58] davidharryprosser says: what do you mean receipt?
[26/06/2008 19:19:48] fantasticbid008 says: the receipt of posting
[26/06/2008 19:20:15] davidharryprosser says: do you mean the label on the envelope?
[26/06/2008 19:20:37] fantasticbid008 says: no, after you send them back, you will get a proof from post, that is it
[26/06/2008 19:20:47] davidharryprosser says: ok
[26/06/2008 19:20:59] fantasticbid008 says: or give me the tracking number also is ok
[26/06/2008 19:22:09] fantasticbid008 says: well, i have to go now, if anything more, please leave me message here, i will reply you on time
[26/06/2008 19:23:22] davidharryprosser says: ok i can tell you also that i have the touch screen infront of me, and it is occasionaly saying format error….
[26/06/2008 19:23:50] fantasticbid008 says: the music or video??
[26/06/2008 19:24:00] davidharryprosser says: music
[26/06/2008 19:24:27] fantasticbid008 says: well, try the reset button
[26/06/2008 19:24:54] fantasticbid008 says: delete that song
[26/06/2008 19:25:03] davidharryprosser says: why delete?
[26/06/2008 19:25:13] fantasticbid008 says: keep every song is the mp3 format
[26/06/2008 19:25:24] fantasticbid008 says: because that one couldnt play in the mp4
[26/06/2008 19:25:54] fantasticbid008 says: so delete it, and download another one in it
[26/06/2008 19:26:52] davidharryprosser says: ok ill try
[26/06/2008 19:27:03] davidharryprosser says: do you know what time you will next be on skype?
[26/06/2008 19:27:03] fantasticbid008 says: 😀 see you
[26/06/2008 19:27:33] fantasticbid008 says: i will here in your morning and after
[26/06/2008 19:27:48] davidharryprosser says: what time is that?
[26/06/2008 19:28:08] fantasticbid008 says: now it is 2.30a.m here
[26/06/2008 19:28:18] fantasticbid008 says: i have to sleep now
[26/06/2008 19:28:23] davidharryprosser says: what time will you be on skype?
[26/06/2008 19:28:58] fantasticbid008 says: i think it is the morning in your country when i am here
[26/06/2008 19:29:30] fantasticbid008 says: that is 10 a.m here when i am on skype
[26/06/2008 19:29:36] davidharryprosser says: ok thankyou
[26/06/2008 19:30:00] davidharryprosser says: also i will let you know that the touch screen cannot play .WAV files it says format error
[26/06/2008 19:30:15] davidharryprosser says: we will have to talk later but i keep findnig these little problems
[26/06/2008 19:30:50] fantasticbid008 says: thanks, i will tell this to my technian
[26/06/2008 19:31:20] davidharryprosser says: also i am confused as to what to do with the CD, as there are lots of folders and files i dont know what to do!
[26/06/2008 19:31:36] davidharryprosser says: but thanks for talking now we will talk soon! bye! get some sleep 😛
[26/06/2008 19:32:03] fantasticbid008 says: 😀 (wave)
[26/06/2008 19:38:11] davidharryprosser says: when you said 10am
[26/06/2008 19:38:26] davidharryprosser says: did you mean 10am england time or 10am china time?
[26/06/2008 19:39:04] fantasticbid008 says: china time,is this ok??
[26/06/2008 19:39:48] davidharryprosser says: yep thats fine, it is 3AM in england when its 10am in china, i just worked it out
[26/06/2008 19:40:30] fantasticbid008 says: woo~~what about we fix another time?? 15.30 pm in china
[26/06/2008 19:40:33] fantasticbid008 says: ok?
[26/06/2008 19:41:06] davidharryprosser says: sorry i cant do then
[26/06/2008 19:41:28] fantasticbid008 says: so let me know which time is ok for you
[26/06/2008 19:41:41] davidharryprosser says: on week days i can do anytime after 10pm china time
[26/06/2008 19:42:22] davidharryprosser says: and on saturdays anytime after 5pm china time
[26/06/2008 19:42:39] davidharryprosser says: so i can mainly do after 10pm china time – is that ok?
[26/06/2008 19:42:51] fantasticbid008 says: that is fine
[26/06/2008 19:42:58] fantasticbid008 says: i will be here after 10pm
[26/06/2008 19:43:06] davidharryprosser says: ok
[26/06/2008 19:43:25] davidharryprosser says: thankyou and goodbye- please sort out the .WAV and usb1.1 issues!
[26/06/2008 19:43:40] fantasticbid008 says: (handshake) (wave)
[26/06/2008 19:43:59] davidharryprosser says: (wave)
[26/06/2008 19:44:06] davidharryprosser says: (y)
[26/06/2008 19:44:26] fantasticbid008 says: (y)
[26/06/2008 19:44:40] davidharryprosser says: and also what files to use on the CD
[26/06/2008 19:47:18] davidharryprosser says: sorry to keep saying
[26/06/2008 19:47:27] davidharryprosser says: but do you sell item like this? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=260252154213&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=016
[26/06/2008 19:49:03] fantasticbid008 says: sure, we have this kind of item
[26/06/2008 19:49:45] fantasticbid008 says: but if you need, you have to order at least 10 to 15 pcs at one time
[26/06/2008 19:49:56] davidharryprosser says: that is a lot! but i will consider
[26/06/2008 19:50:12] davidharryprosser says: ok you should go now or i will keep asking questions!
[26/06/2008 19:50:25] fantasticbid008 says: this is the smallest amount my customers place their order
[26/06/2008 19:50:30] davidharryprosser says: ok
[26/06/2008 19:50:51] fantasticbid008 says: you are questionnair
[26/06/2008 19:51:02] fantasticbid008 says: but it is ok, i am happy to answer you
[26/06/2008 19:51:49] davidharryprosser says: ok
[26/06/2008 20:03:02] davidharryprosser says: are you still there?
[26/06/2008 20:04:49] davidharryprosser says: ???hello
[26/06/2008 20:06:47] davidharryprosser says: are you there?
[26/06/2008 21:30:17] davidharryprosser says: hello?
[27/06/2008 11:40:44] davidharryprosser says: hi
[27/06/2008 11:41:06] davidharryprosser says: are you there today?
[27/06/2008 11:43:53] davidharryprosser says: i need to talk to you some time i have a new plan
[27/06/2008 14:07:46] davidharryprosser says: hello
[27/06/2008 14:10:24] davidharryprosser says: you are there?
[27/06/2008 14:17:32] fantasticbid008 says: yes
[27/06/2008 14:17:41] fantasticbid008 says: hi,my friend, i am here now
[27/06/2008 14:17:50] davidharryprosser says: did you get my email?
[27/06/2008 14:17:58] fantasticbid008 says: not yet
[27/06/2008 14:18:04] fantasticbid008 says: what is your new plan??
[27/06/2008 14:18:07] davidharryprosser says: ok
[27/06/2008 14:19:07] davidharryprosser says: i said that you should send me the replacement products before i send mine back, so i know you won’t keep them. If you do not want to do this i can simply report ou to ebay for selling faulty items
[27/06/2008 14:19:24] davidharryprosser says: if you send me good real replacements, i wont need to report you
[27/06/2008 14:19:31] davidharryprosser says: i hope you understand
[27/06/2008 14:19:44] fantasticbid008 says: but last time you agree to send them back first!!
[27/06/2008 14:19:49] fantasticbid008 says: why now??
[27/06/2008 14:19:53] davidharryprosser says: i did not agree
[27/06/2008 14:20:09] davidharryprosser says: i said maybe because i was unsure
[27/06/2008 14:20:48] davidharryprosser says: i am sorry for the inconvenience, but it is actually your fault, so can you send them?


[27/06/2008 14:21:15] fantasticbid008 says: oh~~~GOD!! i am not really happy
[27/06/2008 14:21:53] fantasticbid008 says: i am an seller on ebay, why i should keep your items and get some negative feedback from ??
[27/06/2008 14:22:01] fantasticbid008 says: you?
[27/06/2008 14:22:08] fantasticbid008 says: it is not deserve
[27/06/2008 14:22:41] fantasticbid008 says: and you know,our transaction is based on the trust!!
[27/06/2008 14:22:55] davidharryprosser says: i know! but you have sold faulty goods
[27/06/2008 14:23:04] fantasticbid008 says: if you dont trust me, then you shouldnt buy anything from ebay!!
[27/06/2008 14:23:09] davidharryprosser says: you have to trust me that if you send the real goods first, then i will send back mine
[27/06/2008 14:23:37] fantasticbid008 says: but the principle is that you shoule send them back first!!! do you understand???
[27/06/2008 14:24:17] fantasticbid008 says: because i couldnt get any help from ebay for our transaction, but you can, you can report me, give me negative feedback!!!
[27/06/2008 14:24:22] fantasticbid008 says: but i couldnt~~
[27/06/2008 14:24:42] fantasticbid008 says: so will need you to send them back first, i wont cheated you, i am honest!!!
[27/06/2008 14:25:05] fantasticbid008 says: if i would like to lie to you, then i wont change them for you, do you understand??
[27/06/2008 14:25:20] fantasticbid008 says: at least i wont tell you that is a fake item
[27/06/2008 14:26:00] fantasticbid008 says: 😦
[27/06/2008 14:26:11] davidharryprosser says: i appreciate your situation
[27/06/2008 14:26:26] davidharryprosser says: but you just said “i am honest!!”, yet you sell fake goods…
[27/06/2008 14:26:46] fantasticbid008 says: well,i have no choice
[27/06/2008 14:26:52] fantasticbid008 says: if you were me, what will you do??
[27/06/2008 14:27:16] davidharryprosser says: well for to start i would not sell fake goods
[27/06/2008 14:27:46] fantasticbid008 says: if you were me,then you wont earn any money from these transaction
[27/06/2008 14:27:49] fantasticbid008 says: i am sure
[27/06/2008 14:27:58] davidharryprosser says: let me ask you this
[27/06/2008 14:28:14] davidharryprosser says: how much do you make these devices for, or how much do you buy them in for?
[27/06/2008 14:28:30] fantasticbid008 says: this is our secret
[27/06/2008 14:28:43] davidharryprosser says: well then i cannot tell if you can make money
[27/06/2008 14:28:53] fantasticbid008 says: but if i can earn any money from the real items, then i wont do this any more
[27/06/2008 14:28:57] fantasticbid008 says: i promise
[27/06/2008 14:29:20] davidharryprosser says: i think it would be a good idea for you to sell the real items
[27/06/2008 14:29:22] davidharryprosser says: but for now
[27/06/2008 14:29:35] fantasticbid008 says: this is not my will, i can change nothing
[27/06/2008 14:30:04] davidharryprosser says: do you not own the company?
[27/06/2008 14:30:27] fantasticbid008 says: ok, sure, i own the company, but i mean the market, the selling market!
[27/06/2008 14:30:31] fantasticbid008 says: not just one company
[27/06/2008 14:30:45] davidharryprosser says: how many companies do you own?!
[27/06/2008 14:31:04] fantasticbid008 says: dont out of our point
[27/06/2008 14:31:15] davidharryprosser says: ok
[27/06/2008 14:31:46] davidharryprosser says: you must understand i am not happy – how would you feel if you bought one that had fake memory!
[27/06/2008 14:32:14] fantasticbid008 says: well, i promise i will exchange them for you, what do you want else??
[27/06/2008 14:32:39] davidharryprosser says: can you send the items first, that is what i am honestly asking
[27/06/2008 14:33:22] fantasticbid008 says: you kick me a hard ball!! i know i can do that for you, but i dont want this exception
[27/06/2008 14:33:43] fantasticbid008 says: all of my customers have to send them back frist, then we replace for them
[27/06/2008 14:33:48] fantasticbid008 says: why you??
[27/06/2008 14:34:13] davidharryprosser says: because i dont know if i can be sure that the replacement iems will be real
[27/06/2008 14:34:33] davidharryprosser says: anyway, nobody else needs to know about this exception
[27/06/2008 14:34:52] fantasticbid008 says: do you think i will send you the fake again, and then get several negative feedback from you??
[27/06/2008 14:35:18] fantasticbid008 says: and get a report letter from ebay??
[27/06/2008 14:35:49] fantasticbid008 says: do you think it value?? i am not a stupid seller~~
[27/06/2008 14:36:34] fantasticbid008 says: i just dont understand why you couldnt trust me!! that is really unbelievable!!!
[27/06/2008 14:36:59] davidharryprosser says: i may trust you, i just find it difficult as you lied in the first place
[27/06/2008 14:37:12] fantasticbid008 says: once you decied to buy from me, you have to trust me first, do you understand this??
[27/06/2008 14:37:44] fantasticbid008 says: to be honest, as we discuss last time, i really trust you, but now, i afraid not really
[27/06/2008 14:40:15] davidharryprosser says: i will trust from you and buy from you again if you send ONE, just ONE of the items to me, a real, just so i know, then i will send back others and get the real items. If you can do this, i will buy from you again and give you business, if not, ebay is told
[27/06/2008 14:41:09] fantasticbid008 says: well, thanks for trying to solve the problem
[27/06/2008 14:41:40] davidharryprosser says: what do you mean?
[27/06/2008 14:41:53] fantasticbid008 says: i agree what you said
[27/06/2008 14:42:09] fantasticbid008 says: let me know your address,i will send you a real one
[27/06/2008 14:42:11] fantasticbid008 says: asap
[27/06/2008 14:42:21] davidharryprosser says: which type of device?
[27/06/2008 14:42:33] fantasticbid008 says: depends on you, which one do you want?
[27/06/2008 14:43:17] davidharryprosser says: the chocolate is ok?
[27/06/2008 14:43:33] fantasticbid008 says: ok
[27/06/2008 14:43:47] davidharryprosser says: i give you my address now?
[27/06/2008 14:44:13] fantasticbid008 says: email me, i will arrange you one soon
[27/06/2008 14:44:25] davidharryprosser says: can i email now
[27/06/2008 14:44:43] fantasticbid008 says: ok, we will deal with it in 24 hours
[27/06/2008 14:44:59] davidharryprosser says: what shall i put in email?
[27/06/2008 14:45:45] fantasticbid008 says: just tell me that you need me to send you a real chocolate mp3 first, and then you will send that 3 back, ok??
[27/06/2008 14:48:44] davidharryprosser says: my stock man asked me if its possible to get one of the slim ones instead?
[27/06/2008 14:48:52] davidharryprosser says: i can put that in email?
[27/06/2008 14:49:01] fantasticbid008 says: that is fine
[27/06/2008 14:49:29] davidharryprosser says: i will send mine back once i receive, ok?
[27/06/2008 14:49:53] fantasticbid008 says: ok
[27/06/2008 14:50:29] davidharryprosser says: ok thanks so much for your understand
[27/06/2008 14:50:32] davidharryprosser says: i will send email
[27/06/2008 14:51:24] fantasticbid008 says: hope this wont happen anymore, it really make me upset
[27/06/2008 14:51:41] davidharryprosser says: ok i thank you for your co-operation
[27/06/2008 14:51:55] davidharryprosser says: next time, lets hope it doesnt hapen again! 😀
[27/06/2008 14:52:15] fantasticbid008 says: so what is your next order??
[27/06/2008 14:52:43] davidharryprosser says: that will come in time
[27/06/2008 14:52:58] davidharryprosser says: for the moment, my customers are waiting for your replacements
[27/06/2008 14:53:03] davidharryprosser says: im sending the email now
[27/06/2008 14:53:13] fantasticbid008 says: ok (handshake)
[27/06/2008 14:53:30] davidharryprosser says: (handshake)thanks for the business
[27/06/2008 14:53:39] davidharryprosser says: may i ask what time it is there?
[27/06/2008 14:53:53] fantasticbid008 says: it is 21.55pm
[27/06/2008 14:53:57] davidharryprosser says: ok
[27/06/2008 14:54:12] fantasticbid008 says: so what time is it in your country now?
[27/06/2008 14:54:37] davidharryprosser says: it is 14:54, so it is almost midnight there?
[27/06/2008 14:54:48] fantasticbid008 says: yes
[27/06/2008 14:55:22] fantasticbid008 says: i have to go now, if anything more, please leave me a message here
[27/06/2008 14:55:36] fantasticbid008 says: 😛
[27/06/2008 14:55:59] davidharryprosser says: ok bye
[27/06/2008 14:57:54] davidharryprosser says: why do you go early tonight
[27/06/2008 16:53:32] davidharryprosser says: i have sent you the email
[11:29:39] davidharryprosser says: did you get my email?
[11:31:11] fantasticbid008 says: yes
[11:31:36] davidharryprosser says: ok thanks
[11:32:04] davidharryprosser says: so as soon as i recieve this item and i know it is real, i will send back the other to be replaced ok?
[11:34:02] fantasticbid008 says: ok
[11:36:10] davidharryprosser says: can i just send back the item in its packaging, without accessories?
[11:37:19] fantasticbid008 says:

There we go – the whole lot! You can post it on the site if you like or do whatever, I just thought I’d send it.


The FrankenFlash Project thanks Dave for his contribution and sharing with everyone.

Comments anyone?

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PayPal Harassing eBay Members Filing Disputes Against eBay Sellers of Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives

Posted by flashchiptutor on July 2, 2009

SOSFakeFlash reports ebay members discovering mp players, memory cards or usb flash drives are fake – false capacity and file a dispute, are being harassed by PayPal. This is not new.

Over the last 15 months, SOSFakeFlash has observed PayPal use many different tactics to avoid living up to their promise of buyer protection. The latest tactic is to demand buyers submit documentation to support their claim the item is not “authentic”. What should you do?

Victims of fraudulent sellers on eBay for these devices frequently submit the output of a testing software H2testw, to support having been sold a fake capacity item. This is a usb flash drive, mp player or memory card digitally altered to report a much higher capacity than the nand storage flash chip is in size. Through software manipulation a 4GB chip can appear to be 16GB or even 500GB. For usb flash drives and memory cards this is deadly – the moment the true capacity is exceeded all files and data are lost. Only information about the file is written to a contents table and so “appear” to exist. When a person attempts to access these files, error messages result and the file can not be retrieved. This is to be expected since the files were never transferred to the device in the first place, there was no place to put them once the true capacity was exceeded. In many cases not only is the device a “fake” but also a counterfeit using famous brand names.

The latest ploy to avoid refunding frauded buyers is force buyers to have the items appraised. Oddly MP Players, usb flash drives and memory cards are not works of art, nor are they gemstones. Detection is achieved by running the software program H2testw, written specifically to test the true capacity and state of flash storage chips.

Paypal is refusing this evidence and buyers receive responses such as:

To continue with the investigation of your complaint, we must request documentation to support your claim that the item is not authentic. Please obtain a document from an unbiased, third-party, such as a dealer, appraiser, or an organization that is qualified in the area of the item in question (other than yourself), which clearly identifies the item as not authentic. The document must specifically state how the item received differs from an authentic item and must include a detailed explanation of how the person evaluating the item determined that it is not authentic. If possible, the document should include a serial number, and must be on letterhead that includes the name, address, and phone number of the business or organization so that PayPal may contact them if necessary.

The documents should be faxed to PayPal at (402) 537-5760 (please note this is a United States phone number, if you are faxing from outside the United States, you will generally need to dial 00 1 before the number). Please include a cover sheet with your fax that includes the email address registered on your PayPal account and the ID number of your claim (PP-695-063-079), so we may attach the documents to your claim as quickly as possible.

We must receive your fax by June 12, 2009 in order to proceed with the investigation of your claim. If we do not receive your fax by June 12, 2009, your claim will be canceled. We are unable to grant extensions to this time period. Please note that PayPal is unable to reimburse you for any costs or fees that may be incurred in obtaining the requested documents. Any documents you provide may also be supplied to the seller in your dispute if necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience. We regret any inconvenience this request may cause.

Protection Services Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

SOSFakeFlash has seen these robotic email template responses in the past.

Disputes are increasing at PayPal and they are feeling the heat.

As they do not wish to lose their fees this is the newest road block to try and get you to give up and go away.

What should you do?

1. If you paid by credit card, call your credit card to do a reversal. For many this is the fastest way to get a refund. It has a double sting. Paypal loses it’s fees, the fake flash seller also loses the money and is stuck with fees from ebay and paypal.

2. If you have a friend in the computer field who works in an IT company, get them to write you a letter with the information required above and fax it in.

3. f you have a friendly computer store, visit them and tell them your story. How you were frauded on eBay and show them the documentation that PayPal is holding your funds to ransom. Take your device along and if you have the output from H2testw show them that as well. Many local stores have been happy to write a short letter stating the item was a fake and false capacity. After all these fraudsters on eBay are damaging their local business. Many will be sympathetic realizing that you have learned a hard lesson. It is good customer relations too. Having learned your lesson, you are now likely to buy locally and stay away from any further eBay purchases or dealing with PayPal again.

4. If you have a brand name counterfeit contact the company. Call or email and present your evidence and send that in to PayPal. You can also visit a local store that sells the real items and have them state yours is definitely a counterfeit as they compare against the real items.

5. You can also try to call PayPal directly to take some sense into them. See PayPal Telephone Numbers – eBay Fake Flash USB Flash Drives, MP Players Memory Cards. SOSFakeFlash is hoping more telephone numbers and email addresses will be added as comments to that article by victims over time.

SOSFakeFlash advises victims to read PayPal How Long Do You Have To Claim For A Refund In Disputes? A Guide About PayPal From eBayer’s Experiences.

You will find a great deal of information on PayPal and PayPal behavior. SOSFakeFlash can not counsel each victim individually with Paypal issues. We would like too, but there are just too many of you! That is why we wrote so many articles and collected information to help you. You can leave information on posts and help each other with your claims by responding to each others comments.

There is one observation that we have, people who will NOT give up and who continue to fight PayPal and refuse to let the matter rest are the ones most likely to get a refund. This fraud has being going on for a long time. eBay fake flash sellers, and eBay try to hide under PayPal’s skirts. PayPal will try to ensure that you do not receive buyer protection – it means they loose money. They are in the business of making money, not loosing it.

It this bothers you or is against your principals – fight back!

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MP Players eBay – Cheap Bargains or Fabulous Fraud and Profit? SOSFakeFlash Education Week

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 24, 2009

Is eBay the place to buy MP Players cheap? Can you get a 8GB or 16GB or 32GB Player on eBay for less that $40 or $50 US? SOSFakeFlash is launching an education week for consumers. Recently they launched an general education week on fake and counterfeit memory devices sold on eBay: SOSFakeFlash Consumer Education Week 20090605 – 20090612. The Problem of Counterfeit and Fake Memory Sold On Ebay

This time they will be show casing sellers who sold false capacity MP Players. Too many buyers fall for seller claims that the units are defective. Most never learn the truth, these items have had their flash chips manipulated to report a size much larger that the chips can support. SOSFakeFlash is inviting buyers to learn more and leave comments on their experiences.

Visit this site during the next week for an eye opening education!


The information is useful, not only to people who buy on eBay but any where on the internet for MP Players. Become a smart consumer!

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FAKE 16GB 32GB 64GB – Conversations Between A Fake Flash Seller and A Victim – A Guide On The Truth

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 11, 2009

Why are fake usb pen sticks, MP players and memory cards sold on eBay? The false capacity ranging from 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 60GB 64GB 120GB 240GB 260GB 360GB to 500GB sizes.

One size is advertised but the true size is much smaller! You buy a 16GB MP player but only get 2GB or 4GB of storage. You buy a 16GB usb flash drive and get 1GB or 2GB of storage, maybe 4GB if you are lucky. You buy a 16GB memory card and only get 2GB or 4GB. When it comes to usb flash drives and memory cards, the digital alteration of the controller flash chip is deadly – you lose your data! Do the ebay sellers know what they are doing? Is there a reason?

Recently SOSFakeFlash asked for stories, experiences. We received one, an explicit conversation between a fake flash seller and a buyer victim. It dates to the summer of 2008 and nothing since has changed. It is published exactly as received. It might be long but if you want answers start reading!

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XU GANG Hong Kong Counterfeit Ring Confirmed

Posted by flashchiptutor on June 8, 2009

Becareful about drop shipping and buying from the orient. SOSFakeFlash has uncovered another counterfeit ring operating in Hong Kong and selling on eBay. They do not hesitate to publish the sources or addresses where the counterfeit merchandise comes from. They also make sure to reference the Technology Crime Prevention Unit in Hong Kong so they will pick up the message and investigate.

Republished from SOSFakeFlash:

SOSFakeFlash has uncovered another counterfeit ring in Hong Kong and named it XU GANG. Currently the following eBay seller ids have been connected: ebestshop58r, lovehuangfeifei2008, jameshome621. Fake memory cards, mp players and usb flash drives have been sold, including branded Kingston DT150’s.


Tse Chit (Xu Gang)

G/F,Block 26,428 Yuen
Kong Tsuen, Yuen Long
Hong Kong



G/F,Block 26,428 Yuen
Kong Tsuen, Yuen Long
Hong Kong



G/F,Block 26,428 Yuen
Kong Tsuen, Yuen Long
Hong Kong

The location is at:

XU GANG Address

The FrankenFlash Project asks the Technology Crime Prevention Unit in Hong Kong to please send inspectors out to investigate. It is suspected that this is one of the major outlets for drop shipping overseas and for eBay seller ids. Sold are fake memory cards, MP Players and also now a very serious wave of fake Kingston DataTraveler 150 usb flash pen sticks in 32GB and 64GB false capacity. The fake DT150’s are causing serious harm to Kingston Technology’s reputation.

The estimated recent fake flash earning’s of XU GANG run is more than £40,000’s . If you wish to add this LEE Wai Bun’s recent Kingston DT150 32GB counterfeiting it is more than £80,000 for over £120,000 and how many victims?

This is only a small fraction of the counterfeit and fake flash nand based technology leaving Hong Kong to harm people around the world. Every day, data loss is pending in these little brown packages, spreading to over 63 different countries on file.

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FakeFlashNews Publishes On The danger of drop-shipping for both sellers and buyers on ebay

Posted by flashchiptutor on May 24, 2009

Are you interested in using drop-shipping to sell MP Players, memory cards and usb flash drives? You need to be very careful!

There are a lot of fake MP Players, memory cards and usb flash drives being sold on eBay – it’s been a problem for over five years. The FrankenFlash Project is struggling to free eBay these devices that cause so much pain to buyers when they lose data. The problem is not only on eBay it is everywhere now and drop shipping plays a serious role in spreading the plague of false capacity nand based technology around the world.

Many sellers use “drop shipping” and do not carefully inspect their merchandise. As a result they are paying the price when buyers learn they received fake and counterfeit false capacity items. All sellers need to be careful about what they sell, whether on eBay or elsewhere.

Recently FakeFakeNews published an article everyone needs to read – sellers and buyers alike. Read: The danger of drop-shipping for both sellers and buyers on ebay

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How eBay Fake Flash Sellers Continue To Sell Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, Usb Flash Drive Pen Sticks – The Case of wholeselling-auctions

Posted by flashchiptutor on May 17, 2009

You might think that eBay will shut down fake flash sellers of MP Players, usb flash drives and Memory cards as soon as they are reported by ebay members. Not so. In some cases they can continue for years. At the very most eBay suspends them for a few months. One perfect example is ebay seller wholeselling-auctions. This seller has continued to sell for over one year. Selling generic usb flash drives, MP Players and memory cards,wholeselling-auctions rules eBay.

Sadly people searching for bargains in our global recession continue to expect low unrealistic prices. eBay seller wholeselling-auctions leverages buyer desires to unload false capacity devices. SOSFakeFlash recently issued an internet alert on this seller. FlashDriveFacts is republishing it to educate the public. Examine the items wholeselling-auctions has offered. So long as people wish to pay unrealistic prices, sellers such as wholeselling-auctions will make a lot of profit. Buyers will suffer the consequences.

SOSFakeFlash said:

wholeselling-auctions is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake) Flash USB drives, MP Players and Memory Cards. Based in Hong Kong wholeselling-auctions is an old fake flash seller, now using private auction listings.

The first documented fake was in June 2008. wholeselling-auctions is very skilled and slippery in selling false capacity items. He knows exactly what he is selling. His dumps in volume. When the heat turns up, he will hide in his fake flash shell, quietly waiting for a new opportunity.

In the fall of 2008 wholeselling-auctions managed to elude SOSFakeFlash and victims by closing his fake flash shop. No alert was ever published, but he was added on the fake flash honour role – the list of eBay fake flash sellers.

Test anything you bought from this seller and make sure you leave immediate feedback! SOSFakeFlash is listing every fake model investigated and even those not yet confirmed. Just recently returned he has already sold more than 3000+ items. He needs to be removed from eBay permenently. Only eBayers can do that. eBay has done nothing for more than one year. Currently he has earned more than $60,000 US.

Please do not let him get away again!

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device. Every single item and count is needed. Make sure to raise a dispute with PayPal. If you funded with a credit card, you may wish to contact your credit card company to expidite a refund with a reversal. wholeselling-auctions demonstrates what is wrong with eBay and just how bold fake flash sellers are. Scroll through his feedback and contact positive feedback members – ask them to TEST. If you left positive and have discovered you were sold false capacity – do follow up feedback immediately to alert people to the truth!

Don’t forget to leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you will only create more victims and it will only allow a fake flash seller to continue, do you really want that?

wholeselling-auctions’s address:

ChiWa Wong

Room 718, Blk7. Sah Chuen Hse, Lek Yuen Est. Shatin N.T.
Hong Kong

To see wholeselling-auctions’s negative feedback Please Click Here – review the complete history to see how far back it goes!

May 14th, 2009 – we have 11 eBay listings confirmed fake .

Sold by wholeselling-auctions:










Not yet investigated:

















Important Reading:

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What Are The Real Costs For Flash Chips In China? Guide 2009

Posted by flashchiptutor on April 8, 2009

What are the real costs for flash chips in China? The average current prices for 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB are here for you to review. This is your yardstick to judge if you are buying true capacity or a fake. Beware, protect yourself from fraud. FlashChipTutor reveals information both consumers and resellers need to know.

Why are many consumers and resellers ending up with fakes and Counterfeits? Outraged, they might be when they discover the truth. Have they really been cheated?

FlashChipTutor’s answer to this question is both no and yes. The sad reality is that buyers are getting a flash chip at a realistic price with a usual markup that includes the device: MP Player, USB Flash pen stick, memory card. They are being cheated in terms of what is advertised and what is actually given.

Supply and demand. If there is no demand, the supply in false capacity will stop. There is a demand for cheap prices, so flash chips are altered to present the desired capacity people want. Some call this upgrading, others call this changed. In any case the chips have been digitally altered to lie about their real size. For flash USB Memory drives and memory cards this leads to data loss. It happens when you exceed the real capacity of the flash chip.

This practise is no secret in the Orient, in fact it is common knowledge. In other parts of the world it is not widely known. Yes, everyone knows about watching out for used cars, or checking the teeth of a horse from a trader, but few expect this sort of thing to occur for recent technology. This naivety is exactly what fake flash sellers capitalize on.

Do resellers know the dirty secret for flash devices at unrealistic prices? Some do, others don’t. The ones to pay the heaviest price are consumers, not only do they lose money, they suffer the consequences of data loss and what that means. Do the fake flash sellers care? No. From their point of view, you are getting exactly what you are paying for! Note, the emphasis is – what you are paying for!

So everyone in the Orient is a crook, right? WRONG!

Honest businessmen in the orient are as frustrated as we are. They struggle to do honest business, to keep their integrity in difficult times. It is an almost impossible challenge as people race to the fake flash sellers blinded by the cheap prices. Knowing what will happen to these buyers there is little they can do. All they can do is promote awareness of the truth and hope someone will pay attention.

Recently yoyo22, published: about fake USB flash drive and memory card

yoyo22 explains:

Do you know what the fake USB flash drive or memory card means? over here,fake is not the copies or replicas.the chip is “upgrade”,which mean that the chip is only 1gb,it is shown on PC 4gb or 8gb even 16gb.

Fakes USB flash (whole same package to original)

1G changed to 2g -price same to real orignal 1GB
1G changed to 4g -price same to real orignal 1GB
1G changed to 8g -price same to real orignal 1GB
2G changed to 4g -price same to real orignal 2GB
2G changed to 8g -price same to real orignal 2GB
4G changed to 8g -price same to real orignal 4GB
8G changed to 16g -price same to real orignal 8GB

now i am in china,the memory chip’s price is not cheap ,actually.my supplier told me coz the economic crisis,most of the factories can not store too much products.unless get a order,they will manufacture it .

here i dont find the 32gb memory chip.so i feel,any chinese suppliers who offer 32gb usb flash drive ,whose price less than USD60,it must be a “upgrade” fake.

the price of 16GB is more than RMB200.00 (USD1.00=RMB6.80). as i known,1gb memory chip is more than RMB23, 2gb chip is more than RMB28, 4gb chip is more than RMB45, 8gb is more than RMB90. and the 16gb’s chip is not good enough,my honest supplier told me it is with many problem.

so every body ,take care of the fake usb flash and memory card.

yoyo22 has done his part to warn everyone with his information. The FrankenFlash Project recognizes his contribution to help the Global Community understand.

So from yoyo22’s information, in US Dollars these are the fair prices for flash chip by capacity:

1GB = 3.38
2GB = 4.11
4GB = 6.61
8GB = 13.23
16GB = 29.41

In some cases a flash based device can have two chips working together to give you a larger size under a controller. The information reported by yoyo22 is in line with the prices reported by Dave in USB Flash Drives Best Price Bargains Fair Value To Sell Or Buy 8GB 16GB 32GB

Currently it seems the 16GB chip produced in China is not considered completely stable, remember it is relatively new and like with any new technology it needs to be worked on – bleeding edge, is exactly that.

So are you a consumer who fell into the fake flash pit with a usb flash drive, memory card or MP Player? Are you a reseller now sitting on a large inventory you can’t sell without breaking the law and hurting buyers? Do you feel foolish?

Did you make the wrong assumptions about pricing, thinking it was “cheaper” because you were cutting out the middle men? Well you are NOT alone. Members of the Project fell into the fake flash pit before you did – it is why they are trying to do something about it. It’s getting too crowded down there! Standing room only now.

If you are planning to buy any flash based technology as a consumer or reseller, please use the pricing guidelines provided by yoyo22 and Dave.

Do not make the mistake of thinking prices for flash chips will go down. They will not. The manufacturing costs can not go any lower to produce a quality chip, they are already at the lowest they can be. Do not think because of the current economic issues world wide that they will drop. Because of economic conditions, manufacturers can not take any more losses. Production is stopping at many manufacturing facilities while the current stock pile inventory is being cleared instead.


If you are an eBay Buyer please use the pricing guidelines for size capacity and factor in the cost of the device and casing. If you are an eBay Seller buying from a wholesale site in the Orient becareful of low prices – you don’t want to join the sellers on the list at SOSFakeFlash.

Trade with honest businessmen and prepare to offer fair prices to receive genuine merchandise. The only Klondike is for fools gold – false capacity.

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MP Players eBay Stop Buying 8GB 16GB MP3 MP4 At Cut Rate Bargain Prices SOSFakeFlash Advises

Posted by flashchiptutor on April 5, 2009

MP Players are hot on eBay! Beware. 8GB and 16GB Players with MP3 or MP4 are likely to be fakes or counterfeits if you bought at low prices. If you are lucky your MP player will be 2GB or 4GB – not more.

Fake MP Players on eBay are an old story and it’s been around for several years. Every day there is a new crop of victims. Why? Bargain hunting! SOSFakeFlash has no choice but to issue this warning. Do not buy any MP Players on eBay advertised as 8GB or 16GB. Period! Stop looking for bargains! You are not going to get a real 8GB or 16GB at $25 to $50.

We know that economic conditions are hard, but you need to be realistic about paying fair prices. If you want to pay less and get more – welcome to fake flash hell!

You might find SOSFakeFlash’s words harsh. They are. Too many people are being frauded and few get their money back. Many eBayers are conned into believing their MP Player is “defective”. There is nothing defective in reprogramming a flash drive chip to lie about it’s size!

Make sure to look at the reference reading presented below for additional information and advice. Also see the list of eBay Sellers caught selling fake MP Players as of April 4th, 2009 at the end of this article

Most of the Fake MP Players are coming from sellers in Hong Kong and China. There appear to be two distinct rings operating under many id’s. It is a fake flash collective. Beware that due to SOSFakeFlash’s internet presence eBay sellers are now listing advertising local countries. You will only realize the truth when your MP Player arrives.

The profits from selling fake MP Players is mind numbing! Current estimates are 1 in a 250 sold leads to a PayPal dispute, that is 249 ahead. Both eBay and fake flash seller are dancing with fake flash profit joy – at your expense!

Avoid the misery of filing disputes. The pain grows when eBay quickly suspends the seller, whoops all listings gone, all evidence gone. You will have to crawl under the hood of your Paypal account and do a lot of extra digging to file a dispute when a seller is deregistered.

eBay and PayPal are not not going to make it easy for you. The harder the better. After all they don’t want to refund you. eBay has never warned members who bought from a fake flash seller and they never will. Why? It means admitting to the fact they have a problem.

Never pay for an MP Player using your bank account, use your credit card with PayPal. It gives you a better chance of recovering your money. PayPal hates it. Fake flash sellers will hate it more! PayPal may say they can’t refund you because they need to get to the fake flash sellers funds. Funny how quickly they will claw back the money from the fraudster when the credit card company does a reversal!

For now, do not buy MP Players at 8GB 16GB with MP3 MP4 on eBay. Save up until you have enough to buy a real one locally. There are just too many fakes. eBay is not cleaning things up, instead they registering sellers so they can remove listings and all traces of what these scammers sold! The fraud is astonishing.

If you bought an MP Player on eBay, tested it and found out you have a fake, make sure you leave a negative immediately! File a dispute afterwards. Never withdraw your negative in exchange for a refund. Never return a fake with the hope or promise of your refund. Also be a good citizen and do your part – contact other buyers who left positive feedback and get them to test! If you left positive feedback – do follow up feedback indicating that you really bought a fake! Add in your feedback the web address sosfakeflash.wordpress.com – our calling card and message to fake flash sellers and to assist other eBayers trying to find the truth and get help!

Also visit the new site https://flashdrivefacts.wordpress.com/ and read:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

Now, have a look at the sellers caught by SOSFakeFlash so far.

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