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c2offer Wholesale Site Get Resellers Into Trouble With Flash Memory Fraud Fakes. A Flash Memory Lesson For eBay Sellers. Important Mesage eBay Sellers!

Posted by flashchiptutor on February 26, 2012

Are you a seller importing flash memory from the internet site c2offer? Have you researched your product carefully before negotiating with an c2offer seller? Did you contact the brand names to determine if the c2offer seller is authorized to sell their products? Did you validate some of the inventory purchased from a c2offer seller, the serial numbers with the brand names? Did you test some of the items to ensure the advertised capacity, is the capacity on the flash memory storage chip with H2testw? Where you smart enough not to believe the reported size indicated by an operating system?

If you did not answer “YES” to these questions you are at risk of becoming a fake flash memory importer and reseller. You will get into serious trouble with your buyers and internet sites exposing fake flash memory sellers. You could be reported to local law enforcement, your inventory seized and criminal charges issued against you.

Recently sites in the FrankenFlash project, reviewed some of the listings at c2offer. We are publishing a few of the most obvious fakes here to help you begin your early lessons on detecting fake usb flash memory. Our intention is to give you an opportunity to not become a fake flash seller and avoid internet exposure. Not every reseller sets out to fraud intentionally, some do but not all. The prices being offered at c2offer are tempting, hard to resist, especially if you are economically stressed and are looking for a way to pay your bills and keep food on your table. All are reasons to convince yourself that the items offered are ok. It looks like easy profit, the answer to everything. Is it?

There is a nasty consequence of being deceived by an c2offer flash memory seller. It can lead to a nightmare you will not escape.

Review these items, then review the brand name sites and the usb flash drives they offer or made. What are or were the historical prices charged? Did the brand name make them? Did or does the advertised capacity even exist?

Whenever you have doubts, there is a golden rule:

Contact the brand name. Ask them about the usb flash drive, the model, the capacity, the pricing. Don’t hesitate. They will be eager to tell you and answer your questions.

Brand names are not out there to stop you from becoming a reseller. They don’t mind you carving out a piece of the pie for yourself. It is good for them, you are pushing their product to market.

They don’t want you to be mislead. They want you to understand the true costs and what realistic prices should be. So you can expect them to be helpful. They want to be proactive too, to keep you from acquiring fakes. If you buy fakes, you hurt yourself, you hurt them.

Brand names are not your enemy. Fraudulent sellers at internet wholesale sites are your potential enemy. They are very skilled at what they do.

yuan5588558 c2offer seller is listing Sony 128GB USB 2.0 Flash 128G Thumb Stick Pen Drives for only $5 US.


Sony never made this usb flash drive. This metal usb flash drive is one of the most popular fakes sold on eBay for several years. It is sold by sellers in Western countries and also eBay Asia. This flash drive is not only a counterfeit but also fake capacity.

It has been sold in advertised capacity from 8GB to 512GB. Having a flawed usb flash drive controller chip, low level reformatting software can reprogramme it to many different sizes. The chips used in these fakes rarely have an actual capacity of more than 4GB. China has a large inventory of old flash memory chips in low sizes, they are no longer in demand. You will find these low capacity flash memory chips used in fake branded Sony flash drives. Buyers will lose their information as soon as they exceed the real capacity of the flash memory chips.

c2offer qsxcvb2010 seller is listing sony brand new usb flash drive 640gb counterfeits for only $14 US. We documented this fake:

To review the complete catalogue on file with FlashDriveFacts:

These fakes are very old and usually have a very small flash drive capacity. Most do not have more than 512MB storage. Many frauded buyers and seller try to repair them and are very disappointed when the real capacity of the flash memory storage chips are revealed.

We have a very large catalogue of these fakes offered in many sizes. You can find them everywhere in China at Tourist shopping malls. This Sony flash drive fake is a standing joke in the tourist shops. The sellers offer them with pride and wink. The real message?

“There is nothing we can’t fake. These are our famous classics. Any child in China can recognize it, can you?”

c2offer zhoujielun awaits resellers who want to buy DT310 Kingston DataTraveler USB flash drives for a total wholesale cost of only $20 US. There are three kinds of people who buy them:

1) People who know they are fakes and see an interesting profit. You will find many eBay sellers using their less important ids or even special ids created just to list, sell and then close before eBay can catch up with them.

2) People in desperate financial circumstances looking for an easy way out. Their need to get money in a hurry clouds their judgement, their common sense. Sad.

3) People who think everything is cheap. Over confident they think usb flash memory is no different then selling toasters or coffee makers. They are interested in pushing product, product with the best profit potential. They don’t understand what they sell and don’t care. They think they are great sellers, proud of it too. When they get caught or exposed, they make the loudest noise according to SOSFakeFlash. SOSFakeFlash no longer bothers to respond to their threating emails, instead they ignore the sellers, collect and file the emails as additional evidence against them for a court of international law. Do you know why they don’t bother with hot air sellers especially on eBay? When these sellers list DT310 fakes on eBay, eventually eBay turns on them, suspending their ids. eBay stabs these sellers in the back as soon as Kingston Technologies finds out who their are.

Kingston DT310 256GB USB 2

If the reseller is an eBay id, there is only one result. Ending up on SOSFakeFlash’s lists.

eBay Sellers Who Engage In Flash Memory Retail Fraud. SOSFakeFlash Preparing New Lists Of Fraudulent Sellers. Did You Buy Fake Flash Memory On eBay Or An Internet Wholesale Site? Education To Avoid Being Scammed For Flash Memory.

DT300 fakes continue to be found at Chinese wholesale sites. c2offer yuan5588558 seller offers them for $5 US.


DT310/256GB flash drives have been retired by Kingston Technologies. They no longer manufacture them. Can you still buy and import them? c2offer duijiangjuan seller is willing to offer you one,

DT310 256GB USB 2

DT310 256GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Stick Drive duijiangjuan for only $3 US.

Can you buy 256GB flash memory for this price? The internet site, c2offer will make you belive you can!

Import them, sell them and face the legal consequences of flash memory fraud in your country. Kingston Technologies along with your frauded buyers will prosecute you. If you are reported to SOSFakeFlash for having listed on eBay you can expect to be documented and even have your address and telephone number published. If there is one internet site tired of DT310 fakes, it is SOSFakeFlash. Forget about trying to change your eBay id, this site will find your new id and they will republish. For some sellers they have published a seller more than four times!

The DT310 Kingston DataTraveler counterfeit on eBay has claimed more victims then any other usb flash drive ever sold on eBay. Frauded buyers for DT310 fakes on eBay are the most militant and least sympathetic to sellers. This counterfeit has ruined more eBay seller reputations then any other usb flash drive. FlashDriveFacts recommends you do not buy this model from any internet wholesale site regardless of the price, unless you first contact Kingston Technologies to verify the seller and site is selling a genuine DT310.

FlashDriveFacts has learned that only 2% of sellers on file have had their addressing information published so far by SOSFakeFlash.

Will the remaining 98% be published? SOSFakeFlash refuses to tell us.

The only thing we know is that they reserve the right to publish, whenever they decide the time is right. This is chilling as far as we are concerned. It means they can issue a google map pointing to a sellers location whenever they decide. Mostly SOSFakeFlash targets eBay sellers. Can you blame them? It is a good question. Frauded buyers are the driving force behind SOSFakeFlash. Should they discover a seller purchased their DT310 inventory at $3 US a piece, we would expect buyers to be enraged.

The interview at FakeFlashNews:

eBay China Resumes Flash Memory Fraud With A Vengeance. If You Want A Cheap Bargain For USB Flash Drives, MP Players Or Memory Cards On eBay, Expect To Be Scammed. SanDisk, Memorette, Samsung, Transcend, Kingston Are All Losing Their Quality Reputations Thanks To eBay

is the most candid interview from KittyFireFlash for SOSFakeFlash. It is disturbing and the most revealing so far. We have not seen anything more direct or head on.

Our question is…..

What is the correct response to resellers who buy from sellers like duijiangjuan and who then list DT310 memory sticks for purchased for only $3 US and then resell them on internet sites? A real DT310 that was true 256GB capacity never sold for less than $700 US. It was not possible. It is not simply an issue of counterfeiting a brand name, it was the fact that flash memory capacity at 256GB capacity was very expensive to produce.

We contacted SOSFakeFlash about DT310 prices and about internet listings from Wholesale sites in China. We can’t print what they told us. It would be worse than rude.

%$#@@@@!!!! is the nicest thing they said.

eBay sellers continue to list them. Do not become one. Avoid listing DT310 Kingston usb flash drives purchased on internet sites on eBay. It is too dangerous to you as a seller, to your buyers. Guard your eBay seller reputation. Do not get caught up in this fake flash memory war.

Sellers such as top_banana, rated as a top eBay seller dares to list DT310 usb flash drives as faulty for £10.99.

top banana DT310

If there is one thing FlashDriveFacts will agree on with other FrankenFlash project sites, it is that eBay sellers who sell fake flash memory as faulty are low. Worse than sellers who try to con people with listings stating real capacity for fake DT310 usb flash drives.

eBay seller will try to evade responsibility:

256gb USB Flash Pen Drive





They know they bought fakes.

They will try to trick you into believing you can repair them.

The truth is simple. They know they bought counterfeit and fake DT310 flash drives. Possibly from duijiangjuan on c2offer. They want to get their money back because they will not have the opportunity on c2offer. The objective of eBay top sellers is to make you bid, buy and help them to get their money back. The fact you become a victim of a DT310 fake is of no consequence to them. You, in the opinion of eBay sellers are the ones who should reimburse them for their foolish mistake. You are the ones who should be foolish enough to pay. These eBay sellers expect that you are willing to subsidize their mistake.

top_banana knows they are fakes. If this seller was to be a true top rated seller he would not have endangered buyer data by listing them. He would not have listed. He would have taken legal action against the internet seller in China who sold him the fakes. He would have tried to enlist the support of Kingston Technologies in his legal action. A seller who deserves an “eBay Top Rated” would have destroyed not listed DT310 fakes.

The original purpose of FakeDriveFacts was to publish facts, to archive and catalogue fakes. When we see eBay sellers such as top_banana with a top seller rating daring to sell DT310 fakes to unsuspecting buyers we suddenly understood the passion and determination of sites like SOSFakeFlash. eBay sellers such as top_banana should be suspended and driven off the internet.

We contacted SOSFakeFlash and they confirmed that most buyers can not spot nor understand the cryptic message top_banana put in his listings. They assured us, FrankenFlash Project memory inspectors understood, that eBay would and that Kingston Technologies definitely knows what top_banana is really saying.

Can you buy real genuine flash memory items to resell from c2offer? We seriously doubt it. If you see an attractive offer on c2offer for flash memory, inspect the listing(s) with care. Then begin contacting the brand names to see if the items are genuine capacity. If they confirm the c2offer seller is ok, then you can bid, buy and import to resell. Otherwise, avoid.

Promoting awareness for flash memory on the internet is not an easy thing to do. There is progress but there is still a long way to go.

FlashDriveFact’s catalogue of fakes comes from frauded eBay buyers who submitted reports to SOSFakeFlash using their Report A Fake. They helped us to build our catalogue as an internet reference on flash memory fakes. The objective is to help both frauded buyers and people who are interested in selling flash memory avoid counterfeits and fakes.

We are always on the look out for new items to add. If you have one not listed at our site, please send in all the details and photographs to sosfakeflashdrive@gmail.com.

Lets help both buyers and sellers to be responsible, informed and able to avoid fraud. We have the largest global internet repository for fake flash memory items. We know there are many items not yet in our library. Help it to grow. Fraud will have a harder time.

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