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Flash Memory Education

Coming soon to Flash Drive Facts – educational material and resources.  This page will serve as an anchor to find important information at our site.

  • So what is Nand and Nor flash based memory?
  • How are flash chips made?
  • How is data written to a flash chip?
  • Do flash chips wear out?
  • Where can you find decoder information for different memory manufacturers to find out the real size if you have a fake? What is a decoder chart anyway?
  • At SOSFakeFlash readers often think of usb flash drives being like hard disks – what is the difference?
  • What is all this preaching about fair prices for flash chip devices? If the market is slow shouldn’t the prices go down?

Research into providing everyone with information has started. The FrankenFlash Project is busy fighting against fake and counterfeit flash based devices but part of the battle is to provide people with information on the subject. 

Many consumers are finding themselves victims of false capacity devices (MP Players, USB Flash Drives and Memory Cards) because they are making wrong assumptions about the technol0gy.

If you are a reseller or thinking of becoming one,  you need to know something about the merchandise you intend to sell.

Coming soon…

2 Responses to “Flash Memory Education”

  1. Haris said

    SIr i have 360GB usb drive and i can not format this drive.HELP me……

    • FlashChipTutor said

      To Haris,

      It is not clear if you have a problem with a usb flash drive or an external usb hard disk drive.

      If the issue is with a usb flash drive (pen stick) please visit the site http://fixfakeflash.wordpress.com/ for information on repairing a usb flash item. You can get help or post for help at http://sosfakeflash.wordpress.com/ on their post for repairing fakes.

      If the issue is with an exteral usb hard disk drive, much depends on your operating system as to the size of drive or partition it might be able to see. The best thing is to visit the manufacturers site for the drive and see their FAQ’s or submit a question to them in their support contact options for assistence.

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