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Counterfeit Memorette Micro SD/SDHC Cards Fakes. 32GB 32Go Class 10

Posted by flashchiptutor on August 10, 2011

Be careful buying Memorette Micro SD/SDHC Cards at internet sites and eBay, they are being counterfeited. Memorette flash memory card fakes are being sold at wholesaling sites and on eBay. In spring 2011 SOSFakeFlash received the first reports of fake Memorette cards from frauded buyers on eBay. The advertised capacity turning out to be fake capacity. On file currently with SOSFakeFlash are 32GB Go fakes.

All buyers and potential resellers should be very careful and consult Memorette.

Memorette English site.

Memorette Flash Cards – English

Memory card descriptions at Memorette:

  • Memento Micro SD / SDHC Card
  • Memento CF Card
  • Memento SDHC Card
  • Memento SD Card
  • Memorette Micro SD/SDHC Card
  • Memorette CF Card
  • Memorette SDHC Card
  • Memorette SD Card

Resellers interested in selling the Memorette brand should contact Memorette for a list of authorized distributors to avoid acquiring fakes.

The photo most often used in eBay listings:

Memorette Micro SD SDHC Card 32GB Fake

It may look authentic, but a lot of sellers use a stock photo. However, frequently when buyers test with H2testw they discover they are not receiving 32GB capacity. Instead the card is only 2GB or 4 GB.

Internet exposure for fake SanDisk and Kingston memory cards is increasing. Fraudulent sellers on eBay have now turned their attention to the Memorette brand.

The Memorette micro SD/SDHC card is currently manufactured in capacities of: 2GB , 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32G with a speed of 80x (12MB/sec). Their English site is not as up to date as their Korean site. They do not sell the cards loose, but in packaging.

Memorette Micro SD SDHC Card Packaging

If you are a buyer and you did not receive the Memorette card in it’s retail packaging, this should be the first warning sign for you.

How cheap can you buy a Memorette 32GB Micro SD/SDHC Card from a wholesaler in China? You can find them on aliexpress for less than $8 US with free shipping.

aliexpress Memorette Micro SD SDHC Cards Cheap

Memorette is less expensive then other brands. In balance with cheaper price is a slower speed. However, even in 2011 a 32GB flash memory capacity can not be manufactured for $8 US. Flash memory chips are expensive to produce, in the cost factored in is the quality control process.

If you are buying this item on eBay, ensure it arrives in retail packaging and test it for capacity to avoid purchasing a counterfeit of false capacity. There are very few authorized distributors of Memorette on eBay.

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