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512GB Sony Vaio Counterfeit Fake USB Flash Drive – Red White Packaging With MicroVault Name

Posted by flashchiptutor on April 18, 2009

Beware Sony Vaio USB Flash Drive advertised as 512GB with a packaging label of 512GB is a counterfeit – fake! Sony never produced this usb pen stick flash drive – Vaio is for Sony’s Laptop brand, MicroVault is for Sony usb flash drives. Sold on wholesaler internet sites in China and Hong Kong. Often sold as “upgraded” – there is no such thing. This is the most common Sony fake sold on eBay. It rarely has a true capacity over 512MB. You can buy one for less than $21 US. Currently the highest capacity available to the consumer market is 64GB so where did this usb flash drive come from. Pluto? Shown below is just how far counterfeiters will go: Sony. Vaio. Microvault. All in one package. See the Counterfeit Sony Microvault series under categories at this site. Recognize the drive? Avoid being frauded or scammed. Do not buy this usb flash drive, you risk data loss. Do not sell this usb flash drive!

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.



The fake shown above has been around a long time. It is the oldest Sony Counterfeit still being sold. Big false sizes, little real capacity chips.

Please report any internet listing to:


Visit http://sosfakeflash.wordpress.com/ for the list of sites in the FrankenFlash Project. You will find plenty of evidence on this counterfeit line documented.

2 Responses to “512GB Sony Vaio Counterfeit Fake USB Flash Drive – Red White Packaging With MicroVault Name”

  1. Ihab said

    I bought this fake 512 gb drive for USD$89. one week ago.

  2. danny said

    ”baoyoutongguo” on http://www.ioffer.com sells the usb storage

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