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minggege99 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Deregistered – China. eBay and PayPal Try To Block Victims From Refunds For Counterfeit Kingston DT150 32GB DataTraveler 150

Posted by flashchiptutor on April 13, 2009

minggege99 was an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake) Flash USB drives. Based in China minggege99 sold over 1600+ counterfeit DT150 32GB 32 GB DataTraveler 150 USB 2.0 Flash Drives. minggege99 is the third eBay id based in China caught selling these counterfeits in one month.

As news of Kingston DT150 32GB counterfeits on eBay spread, eBay quickly deregistered this id leaving buyers stranded. Information on purchases disappeared from their “won list”. SOSFakeFlash noticed victims of minggege99 desperately searching for information and awaited testing results.

ShadowRanger a victim of minggege99 reported:

First, i tried checking the size of the pens, by putting a lot o files inside them. And that caused errors.

Second, i made a lot of research and found various complaints about the issue.

Third, i opened both, found that they have the same chip that and has nothing to do with Kingston. Tried to fix one of the pens with no success.

Last, i received a message from Paypal saying that if i want to become eligible for a refund, i have to send back the items.

And i ask, what for? I’ll just spend more money, and it’s very possible that i don’t get a refund.

ShadowRanger experiences are all too familiar – repeated by thousands of eBayers since 2005 on eBay. Yet the problem continues. In deregistering fake flash seller minggege99, eBay was not trying to help eBayers but hide the fact that this seller managed to list and sell over 1600+ units.

PayPal demanding that the item be returned to the fake flash seller is also too familiar. Their systems are flawed as as SOSFakeFlash and eBay victims have pointed out so many times. They use robotic emailers and templates. There is very little human intelligence involved. PayPal knows better than to demand this people return these items. See PayPal Apologizes To eBayer Ordered Return Counterfeit Items Using Postal Services – Fake Flash eBay Sellers

Still it does not stop. FlashStormer had to break down the doors of Paypal to get them to listen.

ShadowRanger, the newest detective to assist SOSFakeFlash is correct in his conclusions. Most people who send back fake flash items, never get a refund. The seller will claim it never received. Often when the return address is actually real, the item is resold to a new victim.

minggege99, abestpartner0, and niuren2008 together generated over £80,000 in sales. Buyers who reported to Kingston all received the same news – the flash drives counterfeits. In the case of the Kingston DT150 32GB, there is a quick way to determine if it is a counterfeit or not – validation of the serial id on the packaging: Kingston USB Flash Drives – Detect Counterfeits And Fakes – Product Verification

ShadowRanger sent in the results for his fake Kingston DT150 32GB. It tested to a miserable 256MB chip, substandard in very bad condition, only about 232MB usable. The smallest actual capacity on record.

There may be as many as 4,600 eBay members who are victims of these latest counterfeits. First victimized by the fake flash seller, second victimized by eBay removing the evidence of listing and third victimized by PayPal not refunding. In the case of PayPal, they know better. The evidence is very clear. They may promote their “Buyer Protection” but all victims of fake flash know this is spin – not truth.

To get a refund victims will have to fight. It is not simply about money, it is principal. Both eBay are well aware of the problem with fake flash MP Players, Memory Cards and usb flash drives being sold. Some members get refunds easily, read: eBay Member Reveals Latest Information As eBay Struggles To Address Issue of Fake USB Flash Drives, MP Players and Memory Cards being sold and are even given hush money as gift certificates. Most have to fight and refuse to let eBay and PayPal get away with it. PayPal has 180 days to open an investigation on a seller. Is this more spin, or is this a fact? Both eBay and PayPal just hope the buyers will go away. Give up. It is about percentages. How do you feel about this?

The problem not stop until eBay members fight back against fake flash seller, eBay and PayPal. It has been a very bad month for fake flash reports. Tragedy in data loss has been high. Important memories and milestone events in people’s lives stolen forever – impossible to recover.

ShadowRanger’s story and his conclusions explain why this continues on eBay. Both eBay and PayPal are not willing to address the problem. They have chosen to hide behind automation instead of having employees address issues of fraud. eBay in the summer of 2008 said they had 2,000 employee’s who work on issues of addressing fraud. Do you believe this? SOSFakeFlash and victims don’t.

Fight for you refund from fake flash seller minggege99. Do the same if you are a victim of abestpartner0 and niuren2008. As these sellers are deregistered you can not leave any feedback, but you can comment on our posts.

Every dispute filed against one of these sellers is a permanent record that PayPal will have on record. They can not erase them. The facts remain.

minggege99’s shipping address:

Lee Wai Bun

FLAT RM 842 6/Floor
Hong Kong

minggege99 return address According to PayPal:

Rm 1603,Tower C,Binfushiji,shiyi Road,
nanshan Shenzhen
Guangdong 518000

Additional Reading:

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device minggege99 or any other eBay seller.

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What Are The Real Costs For Flash Chips In China? Guide 2009

Posted by flashchiptutor on April 8, 2009

What are the real costs for flash chips in China? The average current prices for 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB are here for you to review. This is your yardstick to judge if you are buying true capacity or a fake. Beware, protect yourself from fraud. FlashChipTutor reveals information both consumers and resellers need to know.

Why are many consumers and resellers ending up with fakes and Counterfeits? Outraged, they might be when they discover the truth. Have they really been cheated?

FlashChipTutor’s answer to this question is both no and yes. The sad reality is that buyers are getting a flash chip at a realistic price with a usual markup that includes the device: MP Player, USB Flash pen stick, memory card. They are being cheated in terms of what is advertised and what is actually given.

Supply and demand. If there is no demand, the supply in false capacity will stop. There is a demand for cheap prices, so flash chips are altered to present the desired capacity people want. Some call this upgrading, others call this changed. In any case the chips have been digitally altered to lie about their real size. For flash USB Memory drives and memory cards this leads to data loss. It happens when you exceed the real capacity of the flash chip.

This practise is no secret in the Orient, in fact it is common knowledge. In other parts of the world it is not widely known. Yes, everyone knows about watching out for used cars, or checking the teeth of a horse from a trader, but few expect this sort of thing to occur for recent technology. This naivety is exactly what fake flash sellers capitalize on.

Do resellers know the dirty secret for flash devices at unrealistic prices? Some do, others don’t. The ones to pay the heaviest price are consumers, not only do they lose money, they suffer the consequences of data loss and what that means. Do the fake flash sellers care? No. From their point of view, you are getting exactly what you are paying for! Note, the emphasis is – what you are paying for!

So everyone in the Orient is a crook, right? WRONG!

Honest businessmen in the orient are as frustrated as we are. They struggle to do honest business, to keep their integrity in difficult times. It is an almost impossible challenge as people race to the fake flash sellers blinded by the cheap prices. Knowing what will happen to these buyers there is little they can do. All they can do is promote awareness of the truth and hope someone will pay attention.

Recently yoyo22, published: about fake USB flash drive and memory card

yoyo22 explains:

Do you know what the fake USB flash drive or memory card means? over here,fake is not the copies or replicas.the chip is “upgrade”,which mean that the chip is only 1gb,it is shown on PC 4gb or 8gb even 16gb.

Fakes USB flash (whole same package to original)

1G changed to 2g -price same to real orignal 1GB
1G changed to 4g -price same to real orignal 1GB
1G changed to 8g -price same to real orignal 1GB
2G changed to 4g -price same to real orignal 2GB
2G changed to 8g -price same to real orignal 2GB
4G changed to 8g -price same to real orignal 4GB
8G changed to 16g -price same to real orignal 8GB

now i am in china,the memory chip’s price is not cheap ,actually.my supplier told me coz the economic crisis,most of the factories can not store too much products.unless get a order,they will manufacture it .

here i dont find the 32gb memory chip.so i feel,any chinese suppliers who offer 32gb usb flash drive ,whose price less than USD60,it must be a “upgrade” fake.

the price of 16GB is more than RMB200.00 (USD1.00=RMB6.80). as i known,1gb memory chip is more than RMB23, 2gb chip is more than RMB28, 4gb chip is more than RMB45, 8gb is more than RMB90. and the 16gb’s chip is not good enough,my honest supplier told me it is with many problem.

so every body ,take care of the fake usb flash and memory card.

yoyo22 has done his part to warn everyone with his information. The FrankenFlash Project recognizes his contribution to help the Global Community understand.

So from yoyo22’s information, in US Dollars these are the fair prices for flash chip by capacity:

1GB = 3.38
2GB = 4.11
4GB = 6.61
8GB = 13.23
16GB = 29.41

In some cases a flash based device can have two chips working together to give you a larger size under a controller. The information reported by yoyo22 is in line with the prices reported by Dave in USB Flash Drives Best Price Bargains Fair Value To Sell Or Buy 8GB 16GB 32GB

Currently it seems the 16GB chip produced in China is not considered completely stable, remember it is relatively new and like with any new technology it needs to be worked on – bleeding edge, is exactly that.

So are you a consumer who fell into the fake flash pit with a usb flash drive, memory card or MP Player? Are you a reseller now sitting on a large inventory you can’t sell without breaking the law and hurting buyers? Do you feel foolish?

Did you make the wrong assumptions about pricing, thinking it was “cheaper” because you were cutting out the middle men? Well you are NOT alone. Members of the Project fell into the fake flash pit before you did – it is why they are trying to do something about it. It’s getting too crowded down there! Standing room only now.

If you are planning to buy any flash based technology as a consumer or reseller, please use the pricing guidelines provided by yoyo22 and Dave.

Do not make the mistake of thinking prices for flash chips will go down. They will not. The manufacturing costs can not go any lower to produce a quality chip, they are already at the lowest they can be. Do not think because of the current economic issues world wide that they will drop. Because of economic conditions, manufacturers can not take any more losses. Production is stopping at many manufacturing facilities while the current stock pile inventory is being cleared instead.


If you are an eBay Buyer please use the pricing guidelines for size capacity and factor in the cost of the device and casing. If you are an eBay Seller buying from a wholesale site in the Orient becareful of low prices – you don’t want to join the sellers on the list at SOSFakeFlash.

Trade with honest businessmen and prepare to offer fair prices to receive genuine merchandise. The only Klondike is for fools gold – false capacity.

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MP Players eBay Stop Buying 8GB 16GB MP3 MP4 At Cut Rate Bargain Prices SOSFakeFlash Advises

Posted by flashchiptutor on April 5, 2009

MP Players are hot on eBay! Beware. 8GB and 16GB Players with MP3 or MP4 are likely to be fakes or counterfeits if you bought at low prices. If you are lucky your MP player will be 2GB or 4GB – not more.

Fake MP Players on eBay are an old story and it’s been around for several years. Every day there is a new crop of victims. Why? Bargain hunting! SOSFakeFlash has no choice but to issue this warning. Do not buy any MP Players on eBay advertised as 8GB or 16GB. Period! Stop looking for bargains! You are not going to get a real 8GB or 16GB at $25 to $50.

We know that economic conditions are hard, but you need to be realistic about paying fair prices. If you want to pay less and get more – welcome to fake flash hell!

You might find SOSFakeFlash’s words harsh. They are. Too many people are being frauded and few get their money back. Many eBayers are conned into believing their MP Player is “defective”. There is nothing defective in reprogramming a flash drive chip to lie about it’s size!

Make sure to look at the reference reading presented below for additional information and advice. Also see the list of eBay Sellers caught selling fake MP Players as of April 4th, 2009 at the end of this article

Most of the Fake MP Players are coming from sellers in Hong Kong and China. There appear to be two distinct rings operating under many id’s. It is a fake flash collective. Beware that due to SOSFakeFlash’s internet presence eBay sellers are now listing advertising local countries. You will only realize the truth when your MP Player arrives.

The profits from selling fake MP Players is mind numbing! Current estimates are 1 in a 250 sold leads to a PayPal dispute, that is 249 ahead. Both eBay and fake flash seller are dancing with fake flash profit joy – at your expense!

Avoid the misery of filing disputes. The pain grows when eBay quickly suspends the seller, whoops all listings gone, all evidence gone. You will have to crawl under the hood of your Paypal account and do a lot of extra digging to file a dispute when a seller is deregistered.

eBay and PayPal are not not going to make it easy for you. The harder the better. After all they don’t want to refund you. eBay has never warned members who bought from a fake flash seller and they never will. Why? It means admitting to the fact they have a problem.

Never pay for an MP Player using your bank account, use your credit card with PayPal. It gives you a better chance of recovering your money. PayPal hates it. Fake flash sellers will hate it more! PayPal may say they can’t refund you because they need to get to the fake flash sellers funds. Funny how quickly they will claw back the money from the fraudster when the credit card company does a reversal!

For now, do not buy MP Players at 8GB 16GB with MP3 MP4 on eBay. Save up until you have enough to buy a real one locally. There are just too many fakes. eBay is not cleaning things up, instead they registering sellers so they can remove listings and all traces of what these scammers sold! The fraud is astonishing.

If you bought an MP Player on eBay, tested it and found out you have a fake, make sure you leave a negative immediately! File a dispute afterwards. Never withdraw your negative in exchange for a refund. Never return a fake with the hope or promise of your refund. Also be a good citizen and do your part – contact other buyers who left positive feedback and get them to test! If you left positive feedback – do follow up feedback indicating that you really bought a fake! Add in your feedback the web address sosfakeflash.wordpress.com – our calling card and message to fake flash sellers and to assist other eBayers trying to find the truth and get help!

Also visit the new site https://flashdrivefacts.wordpress.com/ and read:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

Now, have a look at the sellers caught by SOSFakeFlash so far.

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USB Flash Drives Best Price Bargains Fair Value To Sell Or Buy 8GB 16GB 32GB

Posted by flashchiptutor on March 21, 2009

Are you looking for a bargain price for a usb flash drive? To Buy or to sell? What is the real cost from a wholesaler in 2009? Want to be sure you aren’t paying too much? Or that you might be cheated or scammed?

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