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Why You Should Not Buy Flash Memory On eBay. Great Bargains?

Posted by flashchiptutor on January 10, 2010

eBay members continue to be foolish. They bid and buy on mpx players, memory cards and usb flash drives on eBay. They do not know the cost of flash memory and fall prey to eBay sellers in the Orient. SOSFakeFlash continues to investigate and issue alerts against fraudulent eBay sellers. They continue to be overwhelmed by victims seeking assistance.

Can you buy a flash usb penstick for only £12.49?

eBay members think they can.

eBay sellers like wefqewerfe11265485 are happy to oblige with the illusion. According to SOSFakeFlash, wefqewerfe11265485 represents a new breed of sharks invading the eBay arena. They use multiple item listings, they delay shipping, they do not leave feedback for buyers. At the moment they are detected, they deregister their ids.


According to SOSFakeFlash, wefqewerfe11265485 had 10 different listings:

170422450494 32GB Flash Memory Pen Stick Thumb Drive USB 2.0
170422449960 32GB Flash Memory Pen Stick Thumb Drive USB 2.0
170422448887 32GB Flash Memory Pen Stick Thumb Drive USB 2.0
170422448375 32GB Flash Memory Pen Stick Thumb Drive USB 2.0
170422447865 32GB Flash Memory Pen Stick Thumb Drive USB 2.0
170422444194 64GB Flash Memory Pen Stick Thumb Drive USB 2.0
170422443828 64GB Flash Memory Pen Stick Thumb Drive USB 2.0
170422443377 64GB New USB 2.0 Flash Memory Pen Stick Thumb Drive
170422442620 Brand New DataTraveler 32gb USB FlashDrive
170422441833 Brand New DataTraveler 64gb USB FlashDrive

In just one listing:



wefqewerfe11265485 earned:

£12.49 x 745 = £9305

Buyers on eBay are in serious need of education as to the true costs of flash memory chips. Otherwise they will continue to be exploited and deceived. They will continue to lose their data and their money.


FakeFlashNews has joined SOSFakeFlash to assist more aggressively. FlashChipTutor is uncertain if it will help eBay victims. InspectorTech,TechChips and FlashChipTutor believe that the only way to assist both buyers on eBay and those who would like to sell mpx players, memory cards and usb flash drives need to research the costs of flash memory before even considering eBay as a buying or selling source.

There are more sellers such as wefqewerfe11265485 who are just waiting for a buyer, interested in purchasing a phantasy.

Please review flash memory pricing information: Flash Memory Chips – Prices


Read Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009

If you purchased from wefqewerfe11265485, please test the memory capacity of the item immediately using: H2testw. It is free. If you confirm your item is false capacity, please report in to SOSFakeFlash and help them to record this seller. For additional information and help, visit the SOSFakeFlash site.

3 Responses to “Why You Should Not Buy Flash Memory On eBay. Great Bargains?”

  1. DragonDakel said

    The matter is being examined.

  2. Vic Evans said

    First of all, anyone who buys ANYTHING from a seller who only has a feed back rating of FIVE is taking an enormous. Personally I think the buyer got what he or she deserved because of stupidity.

    If you are going to buy on eBay look for a seller who has been in business for several years and has over a thousand positive feed back and virtually no negative feedback. Even then you should look carefully at all negative feed back and also read how the seller responds to the negative feedback.

    You want a seller who has a large number of positive sales reported over at least a year or more and you improve your chance of a good deal substantially.

    Once you buy an item, take one or more screen shots of the listing and date them so you have a record in case eBay decides to remove the listing and disable the seller’s account.

    I have never had an experience that wasn’t resolved by the merchant, eBay or PayPal.

    • RLC said

      Good advice. I would like to add that when looking at a seller with thousands of positive feedback you need to look into the details of the feedback.

      Was the seller selling large numbers of low priced items with free shipping? Was the sale cost less than shipping cost?

      Same wording in the comments on a large number of feedback entries.

      Be cautious – positive feedback can be purchased for little $.

      Also some major sellers of fakes flash drives (20,000+ sales) are members of what are reffered to as “bidder buyer networks” who are experts at manipulating the ebay feedback proccess.

      If you see anythibg suspicious stay away from the seller, especially with any device containing flash memory.

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