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Kingston Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Card Counterfeit SD4/32GB

Posted by flashchiptutor on October 11, 2009

Beware Kingston Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Card Counterfeit SD4/32GB advertised as 32GB with this packaging is counterfeit – fake! Kingston did not produce these. The memory card is likely to have a real capacity of only 2GB. This model was recently sold on eBay.


32GB Kingston Fake Front


32GB Kingston Fake Back

Testing revealed a true capacity of only 2GB. The serial information also failed validation at Kingston.

Avoid being frauded or scammed. Do not buy this memory card in the packaging shown, you risk loosing your photos. Do not sell this usb flash drive! Instead, if you wish to buy on the internet visit a Kingston’s site to determine the models offered and find on of their authorized resellers.

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

12 Responses to “Kingston Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Card Counterfeit SD4/32GB”

  1. Rod said

    256 Gb flash drives are available now

  2. Bob G. said

    I just got a class 6 Kingston 16 GB SDHC off a seller on Ebay for about $34. It came in the packaging with the Chinese on it (looks identical to your picture). The card won’t work in my video camera. Are all cards that come in the Chinese packaging fakes?

  3. Ernesto said

    Hi, just bought a 32 GB SDHC on Ebay identhical to the one in the photo and in fact it’s not working. Be careful, I’ve bought it at an italian seller, then the problem is worldwide.


  4. Peter Bell said

    It’s probably safest to assume they are fake – the biggest problem is that you can easily take the card out and swap it, so even if the serial number on the label checks out it doesn’t tell you anything about the card itself.

    It’s worth having a look at the back of the card – the real Kingston cards seem to be manufactured by Toshiba and have the Toshiba reference (SD-KxxG where xx is the capacity) on the back of them – they are also RoHS so they have the “lead free” symbol on them (Pb in a circle with a line through it) and “LF” on the end of the (line 2) part number.

    Of course, all of this can be copied, too – so even if it’s there it doesn’t really prove anything – but if it’s missing or inconsistent (I.E. the P/N on line 3 is “SD-K04G” and this is supposed to be a 32GB card) then it’s certainly grounds for suspecting something is badly wrong.

  5. Billy Holcombe said

    I was ripped off too in an eBay auction. The seller’s name is Shane Gallaty of Waterford, MI.

  6. luckyluk999 said

    Is it possible to fix them to the real 2gb?

  7. Almost impossible luckyluk999. Memory cards are the hardest to fix.

  8. lace said

    Hi Mate,

    I recently bought one of these exact same SDHC Card. Mine was also 32GB and I paid 25 quid for it.

    Just ran a program called “h2testw” which checks the real capacity, and mine is only a 2GB Drive!

    I noticed that after about 250 pics on my Panasonic G2 SLR, that all my pics would come up as “image can not be displayed.” I never really bothered investigating, but after reading your post, I realised mine was a fake, and ran some tests ASAP!

    Thanks for the info! Otherwise I never would have bothered checking!

  9. Adam said

    Hi, just bought a 32GB SDHC for my Android phone. And I was founded packaging exactly same above photo here. And noticed that card unable create partition & format in LINUX / Android system. And Also easily corrupted & lost stored database.

  10. grzesiek said

    bought one in Poland and have the same problem. sad.

  11. laurent said

    I am luckier than you mine is 3,7gb!


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