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How Fraud is allowed on Ebay. The Case of Seller digitalting0303 Who Uses Private Auctions To Evade Detection

Posted by flashchiptutor on July 7, 2009

Do you wonder how fraud is permitted on eBay? How it is possible for those who wish to cheap and fraud buyers, get away with it? Recently SOSFakeFlash Published on a documented seller, digitalting0303. There is a lot of money made in selling false capacity MP Players, Usb flash drives and memory cards. digitalting0303 is a perfect example of how it is possible and how such sellers continue on eBay.

With permission from SOSFakeFlash we are reprinting their article, published on July 4th, 2009:


digitalting0303digitalting0303 , registered in Hong Kong, is a seller of fake (false capacity) usb flash drives, memory cards and is now offering MP Players! This seller defies eBay and is very skilled in fraud. The only thing digitalting0303 is interested in, is your money. This seller was caught by SOSFakeFlash in October 2008. Soon eBay suspended this id. Nothing was done to contact the buyers of the fake 32GB flash drives eBay to warn people about these dangerous usb flash drives that would lead to data loss.

Members of the FrankenFlash Project, patrol for sellers suspended. Why? As soon as the suspension is over they return to their old ways. The profit is good and they do not care what happens to you or your data. On June 15, 2009 SOSFakeFlash issued a new alert: digitalting0303 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Devious – Hong Kong digitalting0303, learned from his previous mistakes and began using private auctions to avoid detection (eBay Private Auction Listings – eBay Fake Flash Sellers Prefer – Victims Learn The Meaning The Hard Way – A Guide ).

This way, digitalting0303 could continue in selling fake flash items and avoid detection. digitalting0303 demonstrates just how easy it is for a fraudster to use eBay!

If you are a victim of digitalting0303, you have a choice to make. Let this seller continue to harm others and keep your money or teach him a lesson. The choice is yours. See: Escalation In False Capacity USB Fake Memory eBay! SOSFakeFlash News July 3rd, 2009

Do not expect eBay to do anything about digitalting0303. Do not forget they enjoy the fee’s they collect from these fake flash sellers. These scam artists are only stopped by victims. Will digitalting0303 be allowed to continue? You have the power to decide.

Use the tool: http://www.toolhaus.org/cgi-bin/negs?User=digitalting0303&Dirn=Received+by make sure to leave negative feedback immediately, even before you file with PayPal. If you left positive, do follow up feedback stating the truth about what you discovered. Feedback remains forever. Chose your words carefully.

Leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you will only create more victims.

Just how bold is this fraudster? As this article is being written there are 60 fake usb flash drives, 40 MP Players and 10 memory cards offered.

Just added to the fake flash offerings:

digitalting0303-MP1 digitalting0303-MP2


11 Responses to “How Fraud is allowed on Ebay. The Case of Seller digitalting0303 Who Uses Private Auctions To Evade Detection”

  1. Scott said

    Actually digitalting0303 has had the account suspended by ebay in thelast day or so. Granted I got my fake 16Gb SDHC card a day ago and subsequently lodged for a refund through Paypal.

    If I don’t get a refund granted then I shall just get my bank manager to organise a refund through my credit card off paypal.

    Not a large sum of money but it is the principle that counts.

  2. gry said

    I’m exactly in the same situation. I’ve recieved a fake 32GB SD card from this user. Now i try to get a refund.

  3. chipsmore said

    Can you check this ID on ebay? –>upcomingtrend.

    I just know about this page and had bought one 16gb pendrive and it’s on the way to deliver it.

    But when I read the ebay feedback profile negative comments, looks like many customer complaint it was fraud. It only has 2gb capacity but he/she sold as 16gb. Can you check this ID and do something on eBay before many customer falls into this trap!!

    BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU PURCHASE FROM upcomingtrend in ebay!!!

  4. Visual Ideas said

    any feedback on this eBay seller? tjffkuu

    • TxCharlie said

      I bought two 32GB flash drives from tjffkuu.

      Both of them were actually 4GB. He gave me an immediate refund and agreed not to sell any more flash drives when I complained.

      He currently has zero items for sale – I am waiting to see if he posts any more USB flash drive auctions before I decide whether I will give him a neutral or a bad rating.

      I haven’t decided if he is a victim himself or not. He was very nice in his communication, but was very concerned I would give him a bad rating.

      • TxCharlie said

        This crossed my mind: Perhaps the Chinese Embassy should be alerted frequently that you are sending out media news releases.

        The Chinese government is very sensitive to consumer fraud that gives them a bad reputation, believe it or not.

        Remember the Chinese company that sold bad toothpaste? Well, China executed the President of the company for allowing that.

        But I think they will ONLY respond if there’s bad publicity.

  5. TxCharlie said

    You were right – I see a bunch of new feedback for private actions. I posted “Fraudlent drive reports fake size in Windows XT. Google “H2testw” to test yours.”

  6. TxCharlie said

    He offered to give me another $50 refund if I “revised” my negative rating, so I wrote him this… Yes, I really am 😀


    “I must have forgotten to tell you… I am a former Police Officer.

    I will do as you ask ONLY if you tell all of your customers how to test their drives, and send a refund to them if they are bad.

    They MUST write me and tell me that the items they received were either good, or that they got a refund from you.

    Sorry, but I see that you’re still holding private auctions – So I also insist that you make all of your auctions PUBLIC so that I can see what you are selling.


  7. Randy said

    digitalting0303 is “no longer a registered user”. Did Ebay close this seller down on has the seller moved on to another account until things cool off?

  8. […] How Fraud is allowed on Ebay. The Case of Seller digitalting0303 Who Uses Private Auctions To Evade … […]

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