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128GB Kingston DT150 128GB 128 GB DataTraveler 150 USB Flash Drive Counterfeits

Posted by flashchiptutor on April 14, 2009

Beware Kingston DataTraveler Kingston DT150 128GB advertised as 128GB with this packaging and drive markings of 128GB is a counterfeit – fake! Kingston has not yet offered this size for sale. It is sold on wholesaler internet sites in China and Hong Kong.

Currently the largest capacity offered is 64GB on the consumer market. At Kingston’s site this model is no where to be found. It they made a whopping 128GB Kingston DT150 you can be sure they would present it for the whole world to see! Afterall as of April 12th, 2009 they would be the first to offer a 128GB usb flash drive on the market! The counterfeit below is a fake and so obvious too. Kingston would never use a sticker on packaging to advertise the size of their usb flash drives.

Recently a lot of counterfeit Kingston DT150 DataTraveler usb flash drives have shown up on eBay! You can read about it in Confirmed – Counterfeit Kingston DT150 32GB DataTraveler Ring eBay Sellers minggege99, abestpartner0, and niuren2008

Avoid being frauded or scammed. Do not buy this usb flash drive in the packaging shown, you risk data loss. Do not sell this usb flash drive! Instead, if you wish to buy on the internet visit Kingston’s site to determine the models offered and the colour coding for sizes to help you avoid a false capacity drive.

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.


See DataTraveler 150 Models Available at Kingston For Inspection Always visit Kingston’s site to verify what they make!

If you want to review all the counterfeits found on eBay you can visit these two sites. Just type in the word Kingston in the search box to see what is currently documented:

10 Responses to “128GB Kingston DT150 128GB 128 GB DataTraveler 150 USB Flash Drive Counterfeits”

  1. Richard Grimmel said

    Another ebay seller : pique-bube


    This is sick. it’s spreading like viruses…

  2. madteacher said

    It does feel like a virus! Unless we all take action there will be a fantastic plague of lost data in all areas of the world. I (for one) cannot afford lost files – my students would fail their courses among other things!

  3. Bobby said


    Ebay seller: baby_rose_petal

  4. rao said

    i have purchased 128GB kongston Data Traveler, when i checked with “Chip Genius” details are as under:
    Device Name: +[I:]+USB Mass Storage Device(Flash Udisk 2.0 USB Device)

    PnP Device ID: VID = 1221 PID = 3234
    Serial Number: 0001CFCFCFC5DF59
    Revision: 2.40

    Device Type: Standard USB device – USB2.0 High-Speed

    Chip Vendor: micov
    Chip Part-Number: MXT8208

    Product Vendor: (N/A)
    Product Model: (N/A)

    But the inscription on chip isas under:

    IPL 29091-4

    Please help me to fix the fake flash?

  5. Jamie said

    @Rao, same here.. didn´t find a solution yet AMECO 8209 UD Tools just detect corrupt… maybe they are all junk ?
    I just let it scan a FlashModel:NAND08GW3C2A_1GB. But no success yet 😦

  6. Hello

    I was reading the forum that you are an expert in problems with flash drive. I would ask for your help.
    I bought a flash drive from Kingston 32GB that came formatted in FAT. When I make the formatting to NTFS the USB came to see 128MB.
    Would I somehow make a physical formatting of the flash drive or delete the partition and recreate it and try to format again? What software could I use?

    I managed to open the flash drive and found that the model of the chip is MW8209 (Micova).

    Thank you.

  7. Bruno said

    I accidental got a fake product and ebay is not doing anything to get this sorted (money back from the seller). They actually removed the listing and just informed me that the seller had done somelthing wrong and they were did not inform me what it was. Thus when i received the item, in the very first day i got the whole pendrive corrupted. Contacted Kingston and were told that this item purchased on ebay was fake.

  8. FrankEGD said

    In 09/22/2010 I bought (according to the auction description) a Kingston DT 310 256 GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Hard Drive off of Ebay (seller ID: aveconil, auction #: 230529029648, http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230529029648 )
    I payed the item ($89.25) within the hour through Paypal. The Item was mailed with USPS and I received it on 09/24/2010
    After further investigation I came to the conclusion that the USB stick had to be a counterfeit item – I know: The price should have been the first clue…

    The firmware was altered to appear to be 256GB memory. I was unable to determine the correct size since the USB stick failed during the process. There are also no laser engravings on the metal part of the USB connector, like the original Kingston flash memory devices.

    I tried to contact the seller, without success. On the 27th I contacted Ebay and reported the sale of a counterfeit item. Ebay removed the listing within 15 min which rendered me unable to gather additional seller info such as address and phone number.

    I also reported this to PayPal to dispute the charges. But since they’re owned by Ebay it seems like I can not start that process because the auction was removed. Anyway, after checking the initial receipt I found the sellers name and address and also proof that he shipped the item via the US Postal Service. That is concidered mail fraud if prosecuted.

    Sellers name is Costa Bakouros, Ebay ID: aveconil
    If you’re interested in the sellers address and email please email me

    I finally contacted my Credit Card company (Chase) and disputed the charges. During the process they told me to send it back to PayPal with a traceable carrier.

    I have not done that yet. If you would like to I can provide you with photos of the USB stick, it’s internals and the blister package it came in.

    I hope this might help you preventing at least some people from selling cheap imitations. Please feel free to blame/flame me for buying stuff that could have been easily identified as counterfeit – some people like me will never learn…


    • FrankEGD said

      So, the CC company reimbursed me. Good! The seller, after I sent him an email, got scared and sent a refund, too. Of course he wants his fake USB stick back. I am not so sure about that – the money, maybe…
      Kingston, after I called them, wants some info about it, the Post Master is interested because it IS mail fraud, and the FBI told me to keep it because it’s going to be evidence…

      This is going to be a nice story.
      There will be more, I’ll update this.

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