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32GB Kingston DataTraveler 101 Counterfeit Fake USB Flash Drive DT101

Posted by flashchiptutor on April 13, 2009

Beware Kingston DataTraveler 101 advertised as 32GB with this packaging it is counterfeit – fake! Kingston did not produce these. The Kingston DataTraveler 101 is a swivel usb flash drive. These counterfeits are sold on wholesaler internet sites in China and Hong Kong. Avoid being frauded or scammed. Do not buy this usb flash drive, you risk data loss. Do not sell this usb flash drive! Instead, if you wish to buy on the internet visit Kingston’s site to check the genuine models offered to help you avoid a counterfeit.

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

DataTraveler 101

The real Kingston DataTraveler 101 is only made up to 16GB looks like this:


To review the models really make by Kingston visit: http://www.kingston.com/flash/dt101.asp

If you want to review all the counterfeits found on eBay you can visit these two sites. Just type in the word Kingston in the search box to see what is currently documented:


14 Responses to “32GB Kingston DataTraveler 101 Counterfeit Fake USB Flash Drive DT101”

  1. ravs luthra said

    Guys this is absolutley New – March 10th 2010. (Pune – India)

    I stay in Koregoan Park and this guy with a bag of 5 – 6 32gb Kingston pen drives approached me in Kalyani Nagar outside HDFC Bank – the packing looked great and he said it’s from the custom’s thats why its so cheap ( they may come up with other innovative lines to lure you into buying it) i paid him rs.290 after checking if the pendrive was working on my laptop – it recognized the drive and showed 32gb space in properties tab – so i was convinced and thought “I was so lucky to get such a great bargain” – when i got back home all excited i wanted to test it and see if aal is well (from 3idiots) guess what –

    this drive copies a 800mb file in around 9minutes (which is like forever) – it does not play movies / music from the USB on your computer – or anyother dvd usb drives you may have (doesnt even recognize it) the next time someone comes up to you and says 32gb for that cheap ( tell him to hang on and you will get the money ) call the cops immediately and make sure they are caught.

    I don’t feel that bad coz i just paid him Rs.290 so thats like buying a drink at a bar (this weekend ill have one drink less to make up for my stupidity ) – Be aware and careful (it’s a black in colour with a metal covering – looks neat until you try it ) – spread the awareness and contact me if you need more details – to all my geeky friends – cheers !!

    • nishant kumar said

      yup dude, you r absolutely correct.
      I also met a guy offering 32GB kingston 101 data traveller usb drive. it was black in colour with metal covering.
      that guy was selling me for 650 rs and said its worth 2500rs.
      i checked it had 32gb space in properies, but unable to copy anything in it.
      he showed me some3-4 pen drives , 2 were not even detected by my pc.
      1 copied file of size 101mb but unable to play, neither from usb nor after copying on desktop from usb.

      when i googled “101 kington 32gb” , I saw mr. ravs luthra’s comments.
      immediately i checked over kingston site.
      they have a “101 G2”, but no 101.
      so i assume it was fake.

      thanks mr. luthra.

      • Doney said

        that man is still standing near HDFC ,Kalyani nagar, Pune. Today i took this 32 gb crap thing for 400 bucks… was able to format this drive after 20 mins (so fast ??)..not able to copy files..

  2. karan agarwal said

    same as me…..my god me toh in calcutta but u toh in delhi i think ye koi gang h

  3. amar said

    same happened 2 me.. that was in Commercial Street B’lore.

  4. grant said

    The BASTARDS got me 2. Ill Find him SOOn.
    Im gonna break both his legs. He will be picking his teeth up with broken fingers

  5. ska said

    shame on me. i paid 400 bucks for this shit, copied files and when try to get them back on my laptop they were gone…
    is there any way to make a proper use of this pen drive? maybe it can be recycle with 2-3 gb instead of 32??

  6. ska said

    EDIT i was in delhi and bought this shit ina shop, not from guys in the street… right in front of red fort.damn.

  7. ramya.s.bhat said

    i too bought d same for 350 bucks in delhi…all d data in it is gone and its now not even recognized by d pc….shit…waste of money…:(

  8. Johnny M said

    Watch out in Thailand. Fake Drives being sold in Maha Sarakham (Red Cross market) 32gig Kingston Data Traveler 101. Slow data rate. Files become corrupt. Beware!!!!

  9. abhi said

    I also came across same incident and got robbed badly …..really it seems just like a gang..being in noida, a person came to me and asked to buy pen drive ……..please be attentive guys…

  10. TEJKR said


  11. vishesh said

    same here at chandigarh got from sector 22 b chandigarh and next day got d man selling it again at sector 17
    and got my money back after giving him a dose of a gr8 punch

  12. Bob's your uncle said

    Had a dude try and sell me one now in Germiston, South Africa. Wanted R120,00 each if I bought 4 of them. Chased him out of my internet cafe.

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