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A Buyer And A Seller Speak Fake 8GB 16GB 32GB USB Flash Pendrives Drives On eBay YouTube Videos

Posted by flashchiptutor on February 13, 2009

SOSFakeFlash has been fighting the issue of Fake MP Players, Memory Cards and Usb Flash Drives for 9 months. The biggest source of these items comes from eBay and have flooded 52 countries so far. On eBay it is an epidemic – often referred to as a plague. It kills data. Sold by unscrupulous ebay sellers these false capacity drives have caused so much harm to eBay members. It’s not just about money. It is the files – gone forever! We have two interesting YouTube video’s we invite you to watch!

Not all sellers are dishonest on eBay! One of the goals of the FrankenFlash project is to find genuine sellers at reasonable prices. A challenge! Very soon SOSFakeFlash and the FrankenFlash Project will start the program of listing safe sellers on the internet and eBay. As we expose seller who have been caught with fakes (even if just one!), we will shine the spotlight on good sellers! The honest sellers deserve recognition!

Flashies warnings, from a GENUINE Flash seller

Bernies story – A typical Fake Flash buyer

Flashymemory is an honest eBay Platinum seller of usb flash drives. Like many honest eBay sellers (and not only those who sell flash drives) he is extremely unhappy about fake flash sellers on eBay. Bernie1927 describes us all and our fake flash buying experience on eBay. We hope you foundthese stories interesting and informative.

Please feel free to share your comments on what these two eBayers, one a seller the other a buyer.


One Response to “A Buyer And A Seller Speak Fake 8GB 16GB 32GB USB Flash Pendrives Drives On eBay YouTube Videos”

  1. Marcos R. said

    Hi, I understand that some seller sale fake items like kingston SD flash card, but not everyone..like me..Some time I buy from Kingston website a few sd card 4g and resale it in ebay..to get profit to buy 32g for me.

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